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A Property Access Plan is Money Well Spent!


As everyone knows, land comes with many variables – from creeks and rivers, to timberland, cropland and perhaps even underground waters or wetlands. It is imperative for a land manager to be able to access all areas of the property 365-days a year, which is why a plan must be put in place and executed to create access roads and crossings that will provide the ultimate safety necessary to work well with Mother Nature’s variables.  

With each state certain elements of the natural land change – such as, the soil content will not be the same in Pennsylvania as it will be in the land of New Mexico, which is made up of caliche and/or adobe and lacks the nutrients that are essential for sustaining high-quality plant growth. With so many factors having to be taken into account, it is absolutely crucial that when a contractor is hired they have the skill, background and knowledge (not to mention the correct equipment) to make sure that the access roads are established correctly - and, above all, offer the safety that is needed.

There are many reasons why full access is necessary. Whether it be for the obvious – maintenance of the land year-round - or for recreational enjoyment, conservation, etc. – this long-term plan is beneficial. Not only that, but it will increase the value of your property ten-fold.

There are specific areas to think about when looking into building access roads that will offer safe travel. A quality access system includes being able to traverse creeks, ponds, streams, etc., which means the factor of drainage must be taken into account. Inclement weather, the appearance of wetlands – all of these factors must be considered. 

Poor planning can honestly turn a good, solid property into a huge money-pit for a land manager. The most common causes of access road failure are the improper placement and construction of road fills; insufficient culvert sizes; overly-steep road grades; the improper placement of excess materials; removal of slope support; altering drainage incorrectly - and the list goes on. 

Access roads are long-term features, so the location chosen must be able to meet the landowner’s needs, safety, and be constructed correctly in order to avoid maintenance issues that will appear which will increase costs greatly.

Another access point to be studied and added to the plan would be wildlife corridors that have to be built to make sure that disconnected areas of plant-life and nutrients are brought together with the animal population that requires them. When these connections are unavailable, a land manager can find maintenance an extremely problematic issue. Not only will animals not be able to travel to the food, water and shelter they need in order to maintain their health and wellness, but plants also will not be able to generate and disperse pollen and seeds correctly  to help the growth of both animals and other crops.

There is always extra help offered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) focusing on all areas from soil surveys to farmland protection, grazing land conversation assistance, and in-depth information on establishing travel access to all areas of the property. They also are on-tap to provide the latest information on the effects of climate change, how to handle excessive droughts, soil health and property development.

When it comes to putting together a plan that will allow land managers to be able to access all areas of their property, research needs to be done so that the best contractor is hired the first time; be sure they have the knowledge and background that makes them the right choice to execute your plan correctly the first time! Your family and friends - both human and animal - will be thrilled that they can have fun on the property and be safe all at the same time. 

The other very important benefit? You will receive your investment back ten-fold with the addition of access trails, crossings and roads, and the resale value of your property will increase by leaps and bounds! 

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