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Hunting is a way of life. Those who call it their own wear their camouflage as a badge of honor — an unmistakable emblem of who they are and where they belong. By applying Mossy Oak camouflage patterns to your products, it creates opportunities for your consumers to identify themselves as part of their tribe, and helps you successfully target a vast new group of dedicated consumers.

When you join the Mossy Oak family of official licensees, you reap the benefits of unmatched brand strength, more than three decades of industry-leading camouflage patterns and a sales and marketing team experienced at bringing your products to market — from the idea phase to the integration of our camo patterns or brands on your product, and beyond.

Mossy Oak can help you reach millions in America's heartland.
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  • Dedicated Sales and Licensing team to assist you from development to retail with efficiency.
  • Cutting edge design and development of our camouflage patterns.
  • Clear, consistent and unparalleled branding efforts from our Marketing Team.

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What We License

Camouflage Patterns

Industry Leading Patterns To Reach Your Demographic

Our camouflage patterns are the heart and soul of what we do. From legendary concealment patterns developed for whitetail, waterfowl and turkey hunters, to groundbreaking new products designed specifically for hunting the high country of the American West — to a vibrant pink pattern made for our rapidly expanding base of female hunting enthusiasts. We’ve even launched a pattern for fishing, creating the official camouflage of B.A.S.S., Mossy Oak Elements®. Whatever your products are, Mossy Oak has a pattern that’s perfect for your consumers and all their greatest passions in the outdoors.

Country Roots

Backed by 35+ years of leading camouflage design, Country Roots combines tried and true concealment with a recognizable connection to our own roots, and hunting's most iconic camo pattern, Mossy Oak Bottomland, with a modern take on realistic stick and limb effectiveness for a truly versatile pattern designed to blend in anywhere.

Country DNA

Country DNA features the most photo-realistic elements in the history of camo design, combined with a subtle connection to our original Bottomland pattern, the very roots of Mossy Oak.

Mossy Oak Bottomland

Bottomland is the pattern that launched Mossy Oak. Toxey Haas’ desire to get closer to turkeys in his home state of Mississippi led to a pattern that’s still incredibly effective 30 years later.

Shadow Grass Habitat

Shadow Grass Habitat is not a pattern; it’s a way of life. It’s about focusing on giving back more than we take. It’s about conserving a resource and caring for the future. It’s about making sure your camo means so much more than simply effectiveness.

Elements Terra

Using the absolute leading edge three-dimensional modeling technology, we can literally recreate the unique topographical features of the earth to generate the most unique camo design ever introduced.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

We built the pattern featuring a variety of elements found throughout North America. The elements are true to nature’s size and provide the perfect amount of depth and shadowing.

Mossy Oak Elements Agua

Mossy Oak Elements Agua, the pattern for fishing and water sports, is now the official camouflage pattern of B.A.S.S. and Major League Fishing.

Mossy Oak Obsession

Obsession was developed for turkey hunters to provide both concealment for the hunt and support for the resource through partnership with the NWTF.

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Shadow Grass Blades features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass, to create the perfect pure grass pattern.

Mossy Oak Break-Up

We revamped our most popular pattern using the latest in digital imagery and printing technology. Break-Up is effective in various hunting situations from flooded timber to deep woods deer hunting.

Mossy Oak Shadow Branch

Launched in 1997, Shadow Branch is a minimal foliage pattern to keep hunters hidden in the woods late in the season. Shadow Branch is a great option for elevated and ground hunting scenarios.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

Depth. Detail. Definition. Break-Up Infinity redefines camo by being the first pattern to introduce 6 individual layers of depth.

Mossy Oak Duck Blind

Concealment From a Bird's Eye View. With its unique blend of camouflage elements, Duck Blind is easily the most diverse waterfowl pattern available.

Mossy Oak Mountain Country

Utilizing the latest in image technology to capture some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, Mossy Oak Mountain Country is a pattern that is 100-percent true to nature.

Mossy Oak Treestand

Elevate Your Game. Designed specifically for hardcore whitetail hunters who hunt from an elevated position.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Eclipse

The first ever camo designed to be worn inside a ground blind, new Mossy Oak Eclipse uses hard shadowing and unique cutout elements to erase your outline and deliver optimal in-blind concealment.

Mossy Oak Break-Up in Pink

Break-Up Pink incorporates the limbs from Break-Up laid over a background of solid pink. Designed to give female hunters a safety pattern or to add color to a variety of outdoors-related products.

Mossy Oak Blaze

Mossy Oak Blaze stands out from other orange patterns by using the natural colors and elements in Break-Up overlaid onto a blaze orange background, creating the most effective blaze pattern ever.

Mossy Oak Winter

Made specifically for hunters in the winter woods, we paired the same natural colors and digitally enhanced elements in Break-Up with a natural snow base for the ultimate snow pattern.

Mossy Oak Bottomland in Pink

Bottomland Pink serves as a color alternative to the earth-toned Bottomland pattern for added appeal to novelty camouflaged items, making camo more than what you hunt.

Mossy Oak Brush

Sometimes not seeing is believing. Designed specifically with the western big game hunter in mind, Brush features elements from all over the West to keep you concealed in the open.

Mossy Oak Winter Brush

Made specifically for hunters in the winter woods, we paired the same natural colors and digitally enhanced elements in Break-Up with a natural snow base for the ultimate snow pattern.

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The People, Passions, and Products to Match.

At Mossy Oak, our core mission has always been to connect people with the outdoors. We work to support programs and organizations that are deeply committed to the outdoors, and we concentrate on bringing great products to our consumers that both complement and enhance the Mossy Oak way of life.

Mossy Oak

Our legendary camouflage patterns are the heart and soul of what we do, and a great way to add instant value your brand with Mossy Oak. Whatever your products are, Mossy Oak has a camo pattern that’s perfect for your consumers.

Mossy Oak Kids

Adventure in every stitch. Outdoor-inspired apparel for every age. The clothing we pass down becomes the stories we wear, and from sibling to sibling, Mossy Oak Kids clothing is meant to be a part of the bruises and bumps, learning curves, and triumphs that come from letting kids be kids. Crafted with care and built to last through generations of hand-me-downs.

Mossy Oak Companions

In 1990, Toxey Haas and the rest of the crew had 4 years of Mossy Oak camouflage under their belts. Our community of gamekeepers was growing, and we needed casual clothing drawn straight from nature that didn’t exist at the time. Something that felt like your favorite shirt, an old friend, right off the rack. With sturdy but worn in fabrics and a color palette straight from our camouflage patterns, Mossy Oak Companions was born.

Mossy Oak Fishing

Mossy Oak Fishing reaches beyond the water to provide the fishing consumer with gear, entertainment and information to keep you outside pursuing your passion January to December.

Mossy Oak Gamekeepers

The harvest of wildlife is and always will be a highlight, but for Gamekeepers it’s more a part of the holistic process of being a conservationist, creating habitat and working for the future.

Mossy Oak Properties

Mossy Oak Properties’ rural land specialists can help you find your own parcel of dirt to plant, hunt or settle down on. Whether you’re buying or selling, Mossy Oak Properties can assist you with your land needs.

Ingredient Wild

Delicious recipes where the main ingredient is WILD. Wild game dishes that don't disappoint.

Nativ Nurseries

Nativ Nurseries’ takes pride in offering conservationists, hunters and landowners unique, hand-selected and hand-grown plant species to turn any piece of property into a wildlife haven.


BioLogic offers products for deer, turkey, ducks, upland birds and fish from growing season through hunting season. Regardless of your region, acreage or resources, we have a product for you.

Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Butchery

Gamekeeper Butchery procures the finest assortment and highest quality specialty meats from the United States and around the world, ensuring a quality of flavor that exceeds expectations.

Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Kennels

Dedicated to breeding and training A Hunter's Best Friend for Life, Mossy Oak’s GameKeeper Kennels specializes in breeding and training British Labradors for hunting and outdoor companionship.


MOOSE Media provides producer time-buy sales, national advertising sales and a variety of marketing and programming services for the Pursuit Channel, America’s most widely distributed, family-oriented, hunt, fish and shoot network active in 42 million American television homes.

Nativ Living

Mossy Oak Nativ Living is for those who are drawn to the beauty of nature and whose passion for the outdoors inspires them to bring those elements into their home.

Mossy Oak Golf

Golf is at its purest when nature and course work in harmony to surprise and delight those who play the game. It’s golf in the South at its finest. It’s Mossy Oak Golf Club.
It’s Nature’s Golf.

Meet Our Licensing Staff

Mossy Oak’s dedicated Licensing Staff will work with you to help develop and market products that appeal to the outdoors lifestyle, and those who passionately pursue it. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in hard and soft goods decorating, and committed to delivering the highest level of service. We work together with you to put great products in the hands of your consumers —and no one has more experience in the process.