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Shadow Grass Habitat

Anyone who has ever watched a flight of mallards dropping in or has witnessed the grand passage of annual migrations has experienced at least a measure of the deep connection waterfowlers share with the critters they chase.

It’s so much more than hunting. It’s about the timelessness of migrations and the traditions of waterfowling. It’s about the friendships and wet dogs, cold mornings and lukewarm coffee.

Shadow Grass Habitat logoBut most of all, it’s about the ducks. Waterfowlers' commitment to the conservation of ducks and geese is unparalleled, and that commitment is what led to the creation of MOSSY OAK® SHADOW GRASS® HABITAT™.

This pattern pays homage to the first waterfowl-specific camo pattern ever made, MOSSY OAK® SHADOW GRASS®, while incorporating the most realistic, digitally accurate images of the actual natural elements that make up true waterfowl habitat.

The health and protection of habitat is fundamental to the vitality of our great waterfowl populations. In keeping with Mossy Oak’s comprehensive commitment to conservation, and starting with the launch of all new Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat, Mossy Oak will assist in funding habitat protection projects through our longtime partnership with Ducks Unlimited. As the pattern grows, so too will our ability to fund more and better conservation projects.

MOSSY OAK SHADOW GRASS HABITAT is not a pattern; it’s a way of life. It’s about focusing on giving back more than we take. It’s about conserving a resource and caring for the future. It’s about making sure your camo means so much more than simply effectiveness.

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