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Nativ Nurseries


Nativ Nurseries provides land and resource managers with the best plants for creating and restoring wildlife habitat. We are dedicated to providing the most naturally beneficial plants to all who want to enhance wildlife habitat, whether it's White Oaks for whitetails, American Beautyberry for songbirds, native flowers for the butterflies and hummingbirds, landscaping the cabin or our incredible collection of rare oak hybrids, it’s all about taking care of things for the future and benefiting nature.

Every plant species is hand selected from superior trees that exhibit the traits we desire, hand grown and cared for with special attention to be sure each species is getting the ideal care it deserves. Don’t get us wrong, Mother Nature does a good job, we are just obsessed with helping bring you the ABSOLUTE BEST she has to offer.

For more information on how Nativ Nurseries is helping build, restore and beautify natural habitats, visit their homepage below. 

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