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is back.

Born 1993. Old Friends Return 2023.
Get ready for your new favorite clothing.

In 1986, Mossy Oak was born. Shortly after, our community of gamekeepers was growing, and we needed a closet full of casual clothing drawn straight from nature - something born in the woods but made for the camp. Something that felt like your favorite shirt, an old friend, right off the rack. With sturdy but worn-in fabrics and a color palette straight from our camouflage patterns, Companions was born.

Even though Companions went away for a while after the first ten years, we're bringing back the original camp clothing that we launched back in 1993. It’s our mix of modern fabrics paired with classic styles offering the perfect blend of comfort for your life outdoors. So pull up a rocking chair, call your dogs, crack a beer, throw some duck poppers on the grill, and put another log on the fire, because we’re not going anywhere this time.

Mr. Fox Turkey Vest Mr. Fox Turkey Vest

Learn The History Of The Original Camp Clothing Line.

Learn About Mossy Oak Companions

Make memories in quality clothing meant to be worn often and passed down.

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