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Mossy Oak Outdoor Sports and Entertainment (MOOSE Media) is a multi-tool media solutions company that leads a variety of exclusive marketing activities for the Pursuit Channel, including: original content development, sales and management of endemic advertising campaigns and time-buy sales and scheduling for independent television producers. 

Delivering 43+ million audited television homes and growing, plus millions more through exclusive OTT distribution, Pursuit Channel is the largest outdoor network in the world.

MOOSE Media Services

Networking Advertising Sales and Marketing
In addition to national advertising campaigns, marketing duties and exclusive programming responsibilities for Pursuit Channel, MOOSE Media continues to direct partnerships for Mossy Oak’s renowned cache of original and internationally syndicated television features. 

Original Television Production
MOOSE Media is dedicated to the traditional outdoors’ family of hunters, fishers and shooters, a level of excitement, knowledge and commitment that’s perhaps best illustrated through its original-to-market productions like the Ducks Unlimited and the Remington Country television series.   Whether it’s a script-to-screen television series or short films destined for social media distribution or the creation of dazzling 30-second commercials, MOOSE is best positioned to help you reach tens of millions of enthusiasts… instantly… affordably.
Please visit Moose Media’s homepage, below, for more. 

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