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Pursuit Channel Teams with Sling TV

Pursuit Channel Sling TV

Glenwood, AL (December 16, 2019) – Pursuit Media and Pursuit Channel announce a new, long-term agreement with Sling TV, an over-the-top (OTT) content platform that delivers live television and on-demand entertainment instantly to a variety of smart televisions, tablets, game consoles, computers, smartphones and streaming devices.

“The Pursuit Channel partnership with Sling TV is a win of historic proportions for the American outdoor community,” said Pursuit Media CEO Rusty Faulk. “Through this powerful relationship, our content and advertising partners will be providing breakthrough outdoor adventure and education to a very large national audience for the very first time. We are honored to become a member of the Sling TV family.

“The Pursuit Channel remains the only outdoor network that is aggressively adding distribution,” Faulk continued emphatically. “Pursuit distribution also includes Cox, DISH, Century Link Prism, Verizon Fios, NRTC, NCTC and DIRECTV. With the addition of Sling TV our market-leading Universe Estimate only increases, solidifying this network’s first-best position as the smart choice for Nielsen-rated distribution serving the hunt-fish-shoot category.”

Collectively the network’s Q3-4 2019 lineup features: The Grind Waterfowl TV; Hank Parker’s Flesh & Blood; Doug Koenig's Championship Season; Dead Down Wind’s Live the Wildlife; Carnivore; Just Killin’ Time; Jimmy Houston Outdoors; McWhorter Rifles Precision Hunting; Final Descent Outdoors; The Ultimate Hunt; DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon;  Deer and Deer Hunting; Destination Whitetail; Land of Whitetails; Gunwerks Long Range ; Full Draw Adventures; Jimmy Houston Outdoors; Pure Whitetails Stick for the Hunt; The Way It Was;  Canadian Whitetail TV; Drake’s Migration Nation; The High Road with Keith Warren; Americana Outdoors; Deer Gear TV; Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries; The Bear Whisperer; Bass Pro Shops Fisherman's Handbook; Ranger Boats' IFA Redfish Tour; O’Neill Outside; Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Series and Texas Team Trail; GAMEKEEPERS of Mossy Oak; Wallhanger TV; Winchester and Drury's Natural Born; American Airgunner; Freedom Fighters; Elusive Wildlife;  Pulse Factor; Trapping Time; Louisiana Outdoor Adventures TV; Team 200; Majesty Outdoors; Trophy Taker Outdoors; Hunting with HECS; Passin’ It Outdoors; Love of the Hunt; Ozonics; Blue Collar Adventures; Shoot Straight with Chad Shearer; Open Season; The Best of the West; The Break TV; Final Descent Outdoors; Whitetail Reign; Outdoor Blues; Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson; Martin Archery Outdoor Adventures; Struttinbucks; Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites; Trigger Time; Where in the World is Colorado Buck; Higdon Outdoors TV; Elusive Wildlife; The Grind Waterfowl TV; Trophy Hunter TV; Trophy Room Adventures;  Buck Obsession; Back 40 Predators; Beyond the Bar with Josh & Shasta; MOJO Outdoors; Maximum Outdoors; Outdoor Blues; Reel Sportsman; Texas Game Hunters; Old School Outdoors; Whitetail Frenzy; and Fly Rod Chronicles.

Pursuit Channel,, is active nationally via DIRECTV, Sling TV, DISH Network, Fios by Verizon HD and Centurylink Prism HD, Cox Communication and the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). 

MOOSE Media,, represents producer time-buy schedules, network advertising campaigns and many marketing functions for the Pursuit Media enterprise. MOOSE also produces television content and digital video features for clients to include Ducks Unlimited and the NRA.

CONTACT: MOOSE Media @ (662) 492-4000

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