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Marketing Services


Building brands is what we do. Mossy Oak licensees reap the benefits of the services we can provide. We work for our licensees, helping them gain exposure to sell their products. Our marketing services include, but certainly aren't limited to, press release writing and distribution to an extensive outdoor media database, inclusion in newsletters, packaging design assistance, photography, video support, product placement in print and television and online support, as well as other social media outlets.

We access our consumer through one of the strongest owned, paid and earned media footprints in the industry. Consumer communication through, Mossy Oak Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Mossy Oak GO, television shows and partnerships and the Mossy Oak ProStaff give us the ability to reach anyone, anywhere at any time. 
We believe that the breadth of our brand offerings, our commitment to conservation and hunter advocacy and the extent of our media footprint differentiate us from any brand in the outdoors space.  Mossy Oak is so much more than just a camouflage company.  We invite you to come and join the Mossy Oak family and start living your best life outdoors.

Additional services offered by Mossy Oak:

  • Imagery and packaging design assistance with a focus on quality
  • Access to our established retailer relationships and increased sales
  • Increased process efficiency and consultation with our Supply Chain Support Center
  • Clear sourcing strategy and plan with specific targets
  • Collaboration across regional and functional boundaries
  • Global procurements alignment with our sourcing experience
  • Preservation of profit margins and elimination of non-value-add cost components


Official Mossy Oak licensees have access to online pattern, logo and image downloads through membership on our Base Camp site. These can be used for packaging and promotional materials, pending approval from our marketing department.

Join the Mossy Oak family of official licensees and experience the unparalleled power of our patterns. See how Mossy Oak can help you reach millions of consumers.
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