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Gamekeeper Grants

Gamekeeper Grants
Supporting the critters we love and the habitat they call home.
Gamekeeper Grants is dedicated to funding conservation projects that protect and preserve the habitat and wildlife that call it home. We believe that through strategic investments in conservation projects, we can make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the critters we love to pursue. We are committed to supporting organizations and individuals who work to protect, research, and restore habitat and wildlife for future generations.
Our Inspiration
Mr. Fox’s Turkeys

Long before Mossy Oak was around, Mr. Fox Haas’s obsession with turkeys led him to reintroduce the wild turkey population in West Point, MS where Mossy Oak was eventually founded and remains today. This took time and energy on the front end and years more to see it through. Decades later, every turkey hunted in our neck of the woods can be traced back to those efforts. Back then people around town would say they saw “Mr. Fox’s turkeys” from the road, and now they belong to all of us. We’re proud of it, but this story is not unique. Fish and wildlife thrive all over the country because of passionate outdoorsmen and women just like Mr. Fox.

Toxey’s obsession with wild turkeys led him to create Bottomland, and every year since then has been spent ensuring the resources we enjoy are taken care of. Whether dirt or critters or habitat, it’s our duty to leave it better than we found it. We call that being a gamekeeper.

"The Good That Men Do Will Live Long After They’re Gone."

Mossy Oak’s roots run deep, and we wear our values on our sleeves. Since 1986, we’ve supported the projects that protect the land and wildlife we love most - whether formally or informally. Gamekeeper Grants exists to get money and support to the people at a grassroots level who need it most.

In the 1990s, Toxey took out a loan to donate money to a then-fledgling whitetail deer conservation group. We’ve been committed for as long as we’ve been around to the great gamekeepers at Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and more who ensure our way of life is protected for future generations. That will never change.

If all of us and future generations are to enjoy the resources of the wild, it’s our obligation to protect them - through research or through direct action. We’ll continue to support gamekeepers around the country protecting the critters we love and the habitat they call home.

Wild Turkey Stamp Fund
Supporting Those Who Support Wild Turkeys
Fundamental research on Lymphoproliferative disease (LPDV) and wild turkeys. Fundamental research on Lymphoproliferative disease (LPDV) and wild turkeys.

Fundamental research on Lymphoproliferative disease (LPDV) and wild turkeys.

Board Of Advisors

The "Board of Advisors" is a group of qualified wildlife biologists, ecologists, and experienced gamekeepers responsible for allocating gamekeeper grant funds to conservation projects.

The Gamekeeper Grants Board has a uniquely deep understanding of the pressing environmental issues facing the wildlife we aim to protect. Considering our goals for the preservation of populations for future generations of hunters, fishermen, and foragers, the Board of Advisors will be responsible for evaluating submitted grant proposals and allocating funds to specific projects across the nation.

Overall, the Board of Advisors plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Gamekeeper Grant funds are allocated to conservation efforts that will have a meaningful impact on the wild places and wild critters we love.

// Biologist + Gamekeeper
Mike Chamberlain
Dr. Mike Chamberlain aka "Wild Turkey Doc" is one of the country's foremost wild turkey biologists with perspectives as a hunter, Gamekeeper, and biologist benefiting many of our favorite critters. He leads the Wild Turkey Lab at the University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.
// Biologist + Gamekeeper
Marcus Lashley
Dr. Marcus Lashley, aka "Dr. Disturbance" is a professor in the Wildlife Ecology & Conservation department at the University of Florida. He specializes in disturbance ecology along with wildlife management and conservation and cohosts the Wild Turkey Science podcast.
// Gamekeeper
Toxey Haas
Long before he founded Mossy Oak, Toxey's father Fox reestablished the wild turkey population himself in our corner of Mississippi. This mentality of leaving it better than you found it has permeated through the Haas family and is woven into the fabric of Mossy Oak. From our tree nursery Nativ Nurseries to Mossy Oak BioLogic, Toxey's passion for being a Gamekeeper has grown through Mossy Oak and the community of like-minded hunters we've come to know.

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