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Pursuit Media Announces Unprecedented Gains

Pursuit media

Pursuit Media, owner of the Pursuit Channel and its PursuitUp digital companion, has announced that the new PursuitUp live-stream is now active on Samsung TV Plus, channel 1069 HD, which increases the PursuitUp footprint by 35 million users. Similarly, the PursuitUp launch on Comcast Flex, which will add millions more to the company’s digital dominion, is imminent.
Together with Pluto TV, channel 507 HD, PursuitUp activation last month, the Pursuit Media live-stream universe of encore programming exceeds the distribution of all other outdoor digital media by some 50-million users, according to Rusty Faulk, Founder and CEO of Pursuit Media.
“With PursuitUp, our recent move to live-stream content on tablets, smartphones and smart televisions is unprecedented in the outdoor space,” said Faulk. “And when you combine it with our growth on the broadcast side with Pursuit Channel, our increases in satellite and cable audiences, the expansion of our total television audience, Pursuit Media clearly heads into 2020, our eleventh year in business, as outdoors’ best value, outdoors’ most complete linear and digital package for viewers, producers and marketers.”

From August 2018 to present, Pursuit Channel minutes viewed climbed more than 13-percent; total average audience was up nearly 12-percent.* Year-to-date, as a television network studied by Nielsen, the Pursuit Channel Universe Estimate has surged by more than 4.1 million, while its next nearest competitors have combined to add approximately 502,000.

“As is highlighted by our own universe growth, television moves into the Twenties as the healthy king of all media,” continued Faulk. “Per Nielsen analytics from earlier this year, adults [18+] watched live-plus-time-shifted TV an average of 267 minutes per day.  Compare that to the 25-minute-per-day that the average adult spent on video-focused apps and websites using smartphones, tablets and computers.

“Interestingly, according to research by the Video Advertising Bureau, as reported recently in Adweek, the top 125 digital media brands – to include Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook – combined to invest $3.8 billion on television advertising last year.  That’s not a spending level that the television folks would want to see written off as a coincidence,” he concluded.

First-run episodes from fan favorites like Ducks Unlimited TV, Mossy Oak Capture, Wallhanger TV, The American Way, Love of the Hunt and The Maverick are now airing on Pursuit Channel.  Brand new series parallel those schedules, including The Ultimate Hunt, Alaska Outdoors TV and Beyond the Bar with Josh and Shasta.

Collectively the network’s Q3-4 2019 lineup features: The Grind Waterfowl TV; Hank Parker’s Flesh & Blood; Doug Koenig's Championship Season; Gus Congemi’s Live the Wildlife; Carnivore; Just Killin’ Time; Jimmy Houston Outdoors; Brush Country Monsters; The Ultimate Hunt; DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon;  Deer and Deer Hunting; Destination Whitetail; Land of Whitetails; Long Range Pursuit; Full Draw Adventures; Jimmy Houston Outdoors; Pure Whitetails Stick for the Hunt; The Way It Was;  Canadian Whitetail TV; Drake’s Migration Nation; The High Road with Keith Warren; Americana Outdoors; Deer Gear TV; Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries; The Bear Whisperer; Bass Pro Shops Fisherman's Handbook; Ranger Boats' IFA Redfish Tour; O’Neill Outside; Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Series and Texas Team Trail; GAMEKEEPERS of Mossy Oak; Wallhanger TV; Winchester and Drury's Natural Born; American Airgunner; Freedom Fighters; Elusive Wildlife;  Pulse Factor; Trapping Time; Louisiana Outdoor Adventures TV; Team 200; Majesty Outdoors; Trophy Taker Outdoors; Hunting with HECS; Passin’ It Outdoors; Love of the Hunt; Ozonics; Blue Collar Adventures; Shoot Straight with Chad Shearer; Open Season; The Best of the West; The Break TV; Final Descent Outdoors; Whitetail Reign; Outdoor Blues; Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson; Martin Archery Outdoor Adventures; Struttin’ Bucks; Spiritual Adventures with Jimmy Sites; Trigger Time; Where in the World is Colorado Buck; Higdon Outdoors TV; Elusive Wildlife; The Grind Waterfowl TV; Trophy Hunter TV; Trophy Room Adventures; The Edge; Buck Obsession; Back 40 Predators; Beyond the Bar with Josh & Shasta; Created Outdoors; Greenway Outdoors; Vertical Crossbow Junkies; MOJO Outdoors; Maximum Outdoors; Outdoor Blues; Reel Sportsman; Texas Game Hunters and Blue Collar Adventures.

Pursuit Channel is active nationally via DIRECTV, DISH Network, Fios by Verizon HD and Centurylink Prism HD, Cox Communication and the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). Additionally, PursuitUp,, provides free viewing for hundreds of encore hours of outdoor content through Samsung Plus TV, Pluto TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone and Androids.

MOOSE Media ( represents producer time-buy schedules, network advertising campaigns and many marketing functions for the Pursuit Media enterprise. MOOSE also produces television content and digital video features for clients to include Ducks Unlimited and the NRA.

*Q1 2019 Total Audience Nielsen Report

CONTACT: MOOSE Media @ (662) 492-4000

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