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Pursuit Channel Engages Nielsen Media Auditing

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After several months of analysis and testing, effective immediately, Pursuit Channel will begin reporting on the size and demographics of its network television audience through a new long-term partnership with the advertising industry’s original and most globally trusted source – Nielsen Media Research.
Heretofore, Pursuit has relied on third-party audit from Nielsen Media competitors.
“As compared to the inactions of other networks in the outdoor category, the most notable difference regarding our use of Nielsen reporting will be in Pursuit’s openness with that information,” said Rusty Faulk, CEO of Pursuit. “What good is an audit report by the most trusted name in television and digital advertising research if you’re not willing to share those numbers with independent outdoor producers and the marketplace? To dramatic effect, we’re bringing Nielsen clarity – the world standard since the 1950s – back to outdoor television,” he added.
Nielsen’s groundbreaking market analysis has been in use since the 1920s. Its television ratings are metered and analyzed both electronically and through hardcopy viewer diaries that target a variety of audiences. It uses these methods to statistically formulate the television industry’s most telling snapshots of what America’s 115 million television homes are tuned to, accuracies which most recently helped NBC command an estimated $170,000 per-advertising-second during Super Bowl LII.
“The idea that Pursuit would be advancing towards a transparent Nielsen audit is one of the reasons why our company recently moved all of its television assets, including Deer and Deer Hunting, to Pursuit,” said advertising executive Michael Cassidy, a 30-year veteran of the outdoor category and the current vice president of the F+W Outdoors Group. “Over the past few years, there’s certainly some shift in how media is consumed,” he said. “But for now, and for a long time to come, television remains the dominant demographic influencer across this category.
“The trick in outdoor television has always been in engaging with a long-term network partner, one with a very big footprint and super-fair cost to market; a consistent partner that’s first and foremost a true stakeholder in conservation, Second Amendment rights and recruitment. Pursuit is that kind of partner, and Nielsen reporting is its terrific new asset,” Cassidy concluded.

Pursuit Channel showcases dozens of leading outdoor television series, including: Jimmy Houston Outdoors; Trailing the Hunter’s Moon; Ducks Unlimited Television; Deer and Deer Hunting, Destination Whitetail, Land of Whitetails and Modern Shooter; Canadian Whitetail TV; The Given Right; Drake’s Migration Nation; The High Road with Keith Warren; Americana Outdoors; Deer Gear TV; Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries; The Bear Whisperer; Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook and Ranger Boats' IFA Redfish Tour; the Collegiate Bass Series and Texas Team Trail; Turkey Call and Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.; Gamekeepers of Mossy Oak and Mossy Oak Country Roots; Wallhanger TV; Winchester and Drury's Natural Born; American Airgunner; Freedom Fighters; Military Collector’s TV,  Professional Shooting Clay Association; Doug Koenig's Championship Season; Reaper Outdoors; The American Way; Love of the Hunt; Shoot Straight with Chad Shearer; Predator Quest; Open Season; The Best of the West; Going Ike; On the Water with Hank Parker; Primal Instinct; Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson; Sporting Dog Adventures; Majesty Outdoors; Jason Peterson into the Wild; Trigger Time; Where in the World is Colorado Buck; Higdon Outdoors TV; The Grind Waterfowl TV; Blitz TV; Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine; Trophy Hunter TV and Blue Collar Adventures.

Featuring the category’s largest universe of true HD homes, Pursuit Channel is active in millions of American television households, and millions more via HD linear and OTT feeds.  Pursuit is the only audited outdoors television network viewable to all DIRECTV HD (604 PRST), AT&T HD (1644) and DISH Network (393 PRST) subscribers, and it is available to all Fios by Verizon (818) and Centurylink Prism (1677) subscribers.

MOOSE Media ( represents producer time-buy schedules, network advertising campaigns and many marketing functions for the Pursuit Channel.

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