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Mossy Oak Highlights MOOSE Media at SHOT 2020

MOOSE MEDIAWest Point, MS (January 15, 2020) - As Toxey Haas unveiled Mossy Oak Bottomland to outdoor-industry executives attending the 1987 SHOT Show in New Orleans, few could have envisioned that the pattern, the father of America’s #1 camouflage of all time, would remain, 33 years later, the go-to disguise for millions of wildlife enthusiasts.
With Haas Outdoors incorporating in 1986, the youthful Mississippian had certainly known that Bottomland was the breakthrough edge on eastern gobblers.

“I could just feel from the first day I took it out into the woods that I had something truly unique. For the first time ever you could literally disappear...especially sitting at the base of an old oak tree. But we were soon to find more amazing versatility than I ever dreamed!"

Today, Mossy Oak maintains more than 1,200 brand and camouflage partnerships. Some three decades after its premiere, original Bottomland and its incantations remain undefeated in the old-school meets new-school camouflage category.

“One of the absolute keys for us has been in keeping up with where our customers are,” Haas continued.  “We learned quickly that when Mossy Oak and its partners worked together to find and message our people, when we utilized the best of our core strengths and resources towards common success, the results were just phenomenal.”
“Bringing manufacturers and consumers together was certainly the big idea at the inception of MOOSE Media,” said Dennis Presley, vice-president. “There’s no change to that in 2020. But we are redoubling efforts to assist our partners in the creation of original shortform content for television, digital applications and programmatic campaigns. The emphasis now is squarely on helping our associates increase e-commerce conversions through customized content and the symmetrical targeting of digital.

“The twist is,” continued Presley, “unlike most agencies, the award-winning creatives by MOOSE Media come with baked-in distribution. It is our own proprietary engagements with linear platforms, like the Pursuit Channel, digital platforms, like the Mossy Oak GO app, and our market-leading skills in social-media campaign management, that makes MOOSE totally unique in this space.  As best-in-class content creators and distributors, MOOSE is truly the most efficient, effective and affordable option for our industry partners.”

To learn more, please visit MOOSE Media representatives next week, January 21-24, 2020, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas – top floor, exhibit 10735 – for the 41st Annual SHOT Show.
MOOSE Media ( represents producer time-buy schedules, network advertising campaigns and many marketing functions for the Pursuit Media enterprise. MOOSE also produces television content and digital video features for clients to include Ducks Unlimited and the NRA.

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