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Mossy Oak Patterns Featured on the All-New Savage Renegauge Shotguns

Savage Arms Renegauge Waterfowl

Savage Arms has partnered with Mossy Oak, the Official Camo of Conservation, to offer three different version of their new semi-automatic shotgun, the Renegauge.

Renegauge Waterfowl editions are available in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, the Official Camouflage of Ducks Unlimited.  Each of the two waterfowl editions are available on 26- and 28-inch barrel options.

Renegauge Turkey editions are available in Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession and Bottomland. Both are the Official Camouflage patterns of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Each turkey hunting model features a 24-inch barrel.

“The Renegauge lineup is a very exciting launch of shotguns that are loaded with innovative features for avid waterfowl and turkey hunters alike,” said Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak. “Mossy Oak is honored to be partnered with Savage Arms to exclusively offer Mossy Oak patterns on the new Renegauge shotguns. We’re excited to be part of this new offering from Savage.”


Renegauge is built for the field.  Hunters will appreciate the fit and function of the three Renegauge models, which include several patented parts and designs—including the Dual Regulating Inline Valve (D.R.I.V.) gas system. The D.R.I.V. system provides Renegauge with the inherent ability to regulate the gas that cycles the shotgun's action. Both low-brass target shells and Magnum hunting shells will cycle the action with the same reliability and without any adjustment from the shooter.

This functionality is complimented by how easy Renegauge is to fit to the shooter. From comb height to length of pull, Renegauge can be adjusted to fit nearly every shooter in almost any situation.

Avid wing shooters will love the way Renegauge swings. Competitors will find the shotgun at home on the range. And turkey and waterfowl hunters will trust it in the nastiest of conditions.

The Renegauge Waterfowl and Turkey models carry a suggested retail of $1,549.00. For more information, check out

Savage Arms Renegauge Shotguns

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