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Mossy Oak's Dieback Thigh Rig Keeps Hunters Mobile, Gear Accessible


The all-new Dieback Thigh Rig combines Mossy Oak's in-depth hunting knowledge with features borrowed from military and law enforcement-style tactical gear to bring to market a truly innovative departure from any current packs in the hunting industry.

The Dieback takes the place of a traditional "fanny pack" style bag on the hips of minimalist hunters everywhere, providing enough space for essentials without the added bulk of unnecessary pockets and pouches. The Dieback fits securely around the waist and thigh, and sits conveniently atop the leg, where it can be accessed more easily than traditional "fanny pack" style bags. The Dieback is perhaps most useful when in a seated position, but makes perfect sense in the summer scouting months as well when staying mobile is essential. 

MOThighRig_llThe zippered rear pocket offers enough space to fit a full sized handgun, while the main pocket features four mesh dividers perfect for organizing multi-tools, flashlights, carcass tags and other personal items. MOLLE webbing completes this bag for the ultimate in compact and lightweight storage. In addition to being worn on the hip, the Dieback also doubles as a shoulder sling bag when the need arises.

"Quite simply, the Dieback is meant to be the anti-fanny pack," said Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Brand Director Mike Jones. "For many hunters, larger, bulkier packs are overkill, and we wanted to create a unique solution for the minimalist who historically has worn a lumbar style pack. Often there are only a handful of key items a hunter needs, and the Dieback is able to store all of them without the excess weight and bulk."

About Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories:

The Mossy Oak brand was founded over twenty years ago as a camouflage company, and has become one of the most recognized outdoor brands in the world. Mossy Oak's pure and authentic philosophy of hunting and outdoor heritage has created a nation of outdoor enthusiasts that live and breathe the brand. Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories, from Big Game International, is an official licensee of Mossy Oak that provides a single-source solution for outdoor retailers with over 100 key hunting items, branded packaging and merchandizing programs leveraging the brand loyalty only associated with the ultimate name in hunting: Mossy Oak. For more information about Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories, please visit

About Big Game International:

Big Game International is a leading manufacturer and designer of products in a wide range of popular outdoor sporting goods categories. The company's in-depth expertise in sourcing, product development, packaging, cosmetics and marketing allows Big Game International to deliver high quality, competitively priced products and programs to our partners and customers. For more information about Big Game International, please visit

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