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Planting Dates Are Critical


Compared to last spring’s weather we have a completely different beginning. Does anyone really believe Puxatony Phil on Groundhog’s Day? With the unseasonably warm weather last year, this year is the opposite throughout most of the country. So when should you plant spring crops? The answer would vary north to south, but it is best to plant when it has traditionally happened in your area. The two most important determinants for success are soil temperature and moisture, and obviously you want to avoid a killing frost. The problem with Mother Nature is “you never know.” Target your planting dates according to annual trends. Check here to know the annual first and last frost dates for your area.

2013.4.30aKilling unwanted competition in a proposed new plot area or using selective herbicides to clean up a perennial plot should be done while the target plants are young. However, you must make sure that you don’t spray too early. You want your target plants growing vigorously so that they suck the poison into their root system.

Sprayers are necessary tools for the job of applying the herbicides mentioned above, or possibly liquid fertilizers like new M.E.E.N. Green, pesticide or other chemicals. Check here for a wide range of sprayers to meet different needs.

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