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Candied Wild Boar Belly with The BBQ Ninja | Ingredient Wild


This mouth-watering dish is the perfect appetizer to go with your wild game feast. We’re getting hungry just looking at that picture.

The BBQ Ninja has been smoking and grilling wild game for 25 years. From wild boar recipes to braised rabbit, he’s got recipes for every (legal) wild animal you may have. He owns and operates Royal Oak Charcoal, so you know his food is cooked right.

Follow along and look for more recipes that feature The BBQ Ninja.

Candied Wild Boar Belly Ingredients:

  • 2lb of wild boar belly 
  • 12oz of light brown sugar
  • Killer Hogs BBQ Rub
  • Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce


1. Slice the whole wild boar belly into quarter inch slices
2. Coat slices with rub and heavily with brown sugar
3. Place slices on the grill grates and cook each side 5 minutes or till the sugar has a char 
4. Glaze slices with BBQ sauce and slice into bite size pieces

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