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Mossy Oak GO Now Streaming Season 1 of Avian-X TV

Avian-X TV Mossy Oak GO

Mossy Oak GO is now streaming the 2018 season of “Avian-X TV.”

Avian-X TV” follows some of the world’s top bird hunters on jealousy-inducing pursuits all over the country. In addition to raising heartbeats and inspiring future hunts, the Avian-X team shares product reviews, helpful tips and a big helping of personality.

The collection of the first season is a total of five episodes available now for free, on-demand with no commercials. Join Team Avian-X on Mossy Oak GO for amazing spring hunts across the country, and learn the latest tips and tactics from the best hunters in the business.

 "The world of video content has forever been evolving, I started this venture with Mossy Oak in the early 90's filming for the Whistling Wings DVD series and Hunting the Country TV show,” said Fred Zink, founder of Zink Calls and Avian-X Decoys.  “Along the way we have created hundreds of hours of content for waterfowl and turkey hunters. It”s with great pride that we have now entered a new relationship with Mossy Oak and brought our Golden Moose award-winning Avian-X TV show to their new digital app, Mossy Oak GO. We are very excited about the flexibility this digital platform gives us."

To celebrate one of our favorite seasons of the year, “Turkey Season,” Mossy Oak GO is proud to stream a wide variety of all-new, free videos this spring from multiple top-tier producers.

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