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NEW Avian-X Feeder Hen Decoy

Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV


In a matter of weeks many of us will be chasing long beards in certain parts of the country. It is time to start thinking about all your gear and tools to help you get it done in the turkey woods. Decoys are a big part of the turkey set up. I have come to learn that picking a decoy, many times, is a personal preference just like a turkey call. The challenge for many turkey hunters today is which decoy to use because the market has exploded with quality decoys to pick from.

Last season we reviewed and used the Avian-X Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Breeder Hen and Quarter Strut Jake decoy and loved them both. The realism was unbelievable! We had a lot of success harvesting turkeys with this combination. This year we plan on adding the NEW Avian-X Feeder Hen turkey decoy to our arsenal. The Avian-X decoys in general have exceptional realism. The detail in the feathers, eyes and head will surprise in just how real they look.  

The new Avian-X Feeder Hen decoy for 2014 has many of the same lifelike features as the previous Avian-X decoys we have reviewed such as "No-Flake" paint scheme, true-to-life body posture, incredible feather detailing and realistic eyes. Crafted from rugged Dura-Rubber, the LCD folds tightly and fits easily into a turkey vest, yet won't crease or dent like earlier folding decoys. Avian-X also provides a storage bag with the Feeder Hen that you can use to transport the decoy from one set up to the next.  

Avian-X-3_llRealistic motion comes via a unique one-piece folding stake system that allows for ample movement, but prevents the unnatural 'spin' common with lighter decoys. Relaxed, low head feeding position welcomes courting toms. The 24-inch stake assures the LCD sits higher, increasing the decoy's visibility even during the late season. I like the fact that you can fold up the stake when you are done to allow for easier storage and transport. The folding stake is made out of plastic instead of metal, so it makes less noise during set up.

Now one of the downsides to the previous Avian-X hen decoys was the size. While they were exceptionally realistic once you blew them up, they were big and took time to blow up. If you did not want to deflate them in a run-and-gun scenario, they were a bit bulky in your bag. Avian-X solved this problem for the new 2014 decoys. They addressed this and improved the decoy by making the Feeder Hen 15-percent smaller. This makes the decoy lighter and easier to blow up/set up in those hurry up situations.

Another new feature is the realistic legs that Avian-X added to the Feeder Hen decoys for 2014. They provide even more realism to get those weary gobblers into shooting range. We bowhunt our turkeys, so we need those hens and gobblers to come within 20-30 yards for a shot. All of these realistic body features create such as curiosity that hens and gobblers have to come in and investigate, giving you a close gun or bow shot. 

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