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Avian-X Decoys


Brian Stephens | Co-Host of
Ultimate Bowhunting TV

In just a few weeks, many of us will be chasing longbeards in certain parts of the country. I myself will be in South Carolina kicking off the Spring Turkey Season filming for our second year of Ultimate Bowhunting TV. Last year we used the Avian-X feeder hen decoy and loved it.  The realism is unbelievable!  This year we plan on using several of the Avian-X hen turkey decoys and add the new Quarter Strut Jake Decoy to the mix to fire up those gobblers and get them into bow range. 

While there are a lot of decoys on the market today and many of them are really made well, few have the portability and realism of the Avian-X decoys. We bowhunt our turkeys, so I have to have the most realistic decoy I can get my hands on to get the hens or gobblers to come into 20-30 yards for a shot. The other benefit of a realistic decoy is the birds coming in will be so focused on that decoy it takes their focus off of their surroundings.

AvianX_llThe two decoys I want to share with you today are the Avian-X Breeder Hen and the Avian-X Quarter Strut Jake Decoy.The nation's longbeards have one more thing to fear this spring - the new Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Jake Quarter Strut from Avian-X!  Featuring a true-to-life body posture, incredible feather detailing, and a revolutionary, no-flake paint scheme, the Jake Quarter Strut is hard to tell apart from the real thing. The Jakes's non-aggressive pose makes the decoy attractive to both dominant and sub-dominant gobblers, while its size – 15-percent smaller than a real jake - keeps it non-threatening and portable. 

When you combine the Quarter Strut Decoy with a Breeder Hen it is surely going to get that gobbler fired up and coming in. Then it is up to you to get the job done.  The Jake Quarter Strut comes with a carry bag, collapsible stake and a copy of Zink's latest turkey hunting DVD, Turkey Time.

Next, let's discuss the Avian-X Breeder Hen Decoy.  This is one of the most realistic hen decoys I have seen or used.  Zink's new "Lifelike Collapsible Decoy" (LCD) Breeder Hen offers everything spring turkey hunters want. The Breeder Hen has true body postures, incredible feather detail, and a revolutionary, no-flake paint to help create a decoy that's difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Until you put your hands on one of these decoys, you cannot appreciate the level of detail within their feathers. Additionally, based on how they are built and the stand they use, it allows them to move and have a realistic or natural motion. Again, that’s critical to bringing in the leeriest gobbler or hens.  If the hens come, the gobbler will surely come in to the set up. I saw this time after time last spring chasing birds across the country. 

These decoys are all crafted from rugged Dura-Rubber. The LCD folds and fits easily into a vest yet won't crease or dent like earlier foldable decoys. Natural motion is supplied via a unique one-piece collapsible staking system that allows for ample movement, without the 'spin' of lighter decoys. The 24-inch stake assures the LCD sits higher, increasing the decoy's visibility even during the late season.

Let's face it, most of the time we are moving from one location to another.  Yes, there are other decoys that are realistic but I have yet to find a decoy that has the realism of the Avian-X decoys and have the portability. I can easily deflate the decoy fold it nearly flat and put it in my vest and move to the next location. They can quickly be inflated back to their normal body posture and are ready to go. Another benefit of this portability is it makes it easy for us to be able to travel with these decoys on airplanes.  Because we can deflate them and fold them up, they do not take up much space in our luggage, which allows us to use them wherever we hunt. 

Go check out these new Avian-X Breeder Hen and Quarter Strut Jake Turkey Lifelike Collapsible Decoys at

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