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NWTF Turkey Calling Competition Information and Results

2018 Senior Calling winners
Rob Keck, Grossenbacher, Owens, VanCise, Martin, Lanham, Vince Rosdahl

The Grand National Calling Championships are a major attraction at the NWTF Convention and Sport Show. Callers of all ages compete for more than $25,000 in cash and prizes in eight divisions. Competitions are held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The best callers in the world use natural voices, latex mouth calls, pot and peg friction calls, box calls, owl hooting tubes and more to yelp, cluck, putt, gobble and hoot their way to the top spot on stage. See the results!


Calling Competition FAQs

At its core, what does the Grand National Calling Competition showcase?

What Calling Categories are Available to Competitors?

What types of calls do callers need to know?

What do judges look for in a caller?

What system does the NWTF use to score?

What do you do in the case of a tie?

What prizes can be won?

How do you qualify for the Senior GNCC?

What is the Head to Head competition?

What is the team calling competition?

How are young people involved in the calling contest?





2018 NWTF Calling Competition Results

NWTF Grand National Calling Championships (GNCC)

Head-to-Head Competition (sponsored by Cabela's)
Winner: Jesse Martin, MT Sterling, KY
1st Runner up: Dave Owens, Acworth, GA
2nd Runner up: Wade Watson, Lawrenceburg, TN
3rd Runner up: JR Lanham, Bunker, MO

GNCC Gobbling Championship (Sponsored by Avian-X and Zink Calls)
Winner: Clinton Phipps, Hodgen, OK - 233
1st Runner up: Zachary Garnes, Chambersburg, PA - 230.5
2nd Runner up: Kerry Elliott, Paris, KY - 228.5
3rd Runner up: Jonathon Miller, Morganton, NC - 228
4th Runner up: Jed Paronish, Northern Cambria, PA - 227.5

GNCC Owl Hooting Championship (Sponsored by Avian-X and Zink Calls)
Winner: Kaleb Payton, Central City, KY - 234
1st Runner up: Steve Morgenstern, Kirksville, MO - 233
2nd Runner up: Cody Harrison, Hillsboro, MO - 232.5
3rd Runner up: Shane Simpson, White Bear Lake, MN - 228
4th Runner up: Robert Huber, Fishertown, PA - 224

GNCC Friction Championship (Sponsored by Avian-X and Zink Calls)
Winner: Matt VanCise, Brookville, PA - 466
1st Runner up: Pat Strawser, Millersburg, PA - 461.5
2nd Runner up: Brett Ladeau, Hartland, VT - 453
3rd Runner up: Dylan Bearden, Reidsville, NC - 451
4th Runner up: Carl LaRue, Leesville, VA - 449

GNCC Team Challenge (Sponsored by Avian-X and Zink Calls)
Winner: Jesse Martin, MT Sterling, KY and Kerry Elliot, Paris, KY
1st Runner Up: Mitchell Johnston, Purlear, NC and JR Lanham, Bunker, MO
2nd Runner Up: Doug Crabtree, Mansfield, OH and Jed Paronish, Northern Cambria, PA

GNCC Senior Division Championship (Sponsored by Avian-X and Zink Calls)
Winner: Dave Owens, Acworth, GA - 938.5
1st Runner up: Josh Grossenbacher, Toledo, OH - 937
2nd Runner up: Matt VanCise, Brookville, PA - 930.5 
3rd Runner up: Jesse Martin, MT Sterling, KY - 927
4th Runner up: JR Lanham, Bunker, MO - 912

Youth Grand National Turkey Calling Championships (sponsored by Mossy Oak)

GNCC Poult Division Championship (10 and under)

Winner: Jacob Pentecost, Heflin AL - 367.5
1st Runner up: Chase Roberts, Cape Girardeau, MO - 363
2nd Runner up: Ethan Jones, Beaver OH - 361
3rd Runner up: Ford Hewitt, Carrolton, AL - 358 (365.5 tiebreaker)
4th Runner up: Bo Bartlebaugh IV, Armagh, PA - 358 (364 tiebreaker)

GNCC Junior Division Championship (11 to 15)
Winner: Matthew Presley, Front Royal, VA - 375
1st Runner up: Corey Chamberlain, Claysburg, PA - 365
2nd Runner up: Gracie Herman, Hoskins, NE - 362.5
3rd Runner up: Treavor Scheaffer, Richfield, PA - 356.5
4th Runner up: Blake Dean, Hamlet, NC - 355

GNCC Intermediate Division Championship (16 to 20)
Winner: Hunter Wallis, Carbondale, PA - 376.5
1st Runner up: Tyler Presley, Front Royal, VA - 376
2nd Runner up: Haylee Newell, Dawson, PA - 366
3rd Runner up: Dakota Chamberlain, Sylvania, OH - 361
4th Runner up: Kenneth Weiss, Jr., Mobile, AL - 357 (364.5 tiebreaker)

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