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Ground Blind Tips

setting up a ground blind

Ground Blind Placement

When setting up a ground blind for deer hunting, location is key. Look for cover or bedding areas and food sources, as the deer will leave their bedding areas to head to that food source. Ground blinds should be placed where you have clear vision into the deer’s feeding area, but still allows you to be concealed and undetected.



Ground Blind Setup

When you set up your ground blind, the most important thing to consider is where you will enter the ground blind. You want to be as quiet and concealed as possible to keep from spooking the deer. Be sure you can enter the ground blind in a spot that makes it difficult to be spotted. You also want to get in the blind as quietly as possible and that’s why you need to prepare the ground ahead of time. Clear it of debris and leaves that could make noise when you get your blind. If your ground blind is going to stay put for the season, make sure it is securely tied down and brush in the spots that need extra concealment with surrounding limbs. Finally, get in the blind and check your shooting lane. Clear away any branches or leaves that could hinder your sight and shot.



How To Secure A Ground Blind

Ground blinds come with stakes for securing the ground blind, but for extra security and if you’re planning to leave the blind in one spot for the season, bring some rope and tie the blind down at all four corners. You can also use the rope as a way to add branches or brush to better conceal the blind around the edges.



How To Brush In Ground Blind

The good thing about having a Mossy Oak ground blind is that you don’t have to worry about it blending in with what’s already found in nature, but it is a good idea to disguise the shape of the blind. The benefit of using rope to tie down the blind is that you can more naturally disguise the blind by placing limbs not just on the blind itself, but by spreading those limbs out from the blind by attaching them to the rope.



Ground Blind Hunting Tips

There are two main things you cannot overlook when hunting from a ground blind. Proper seating and camouflaging your hands and face. You’re going to be the blind for a while, so you want a seat with a back and without arms, which can get in the way when aiming or shooting. You may even consider a metal chair which is sturdy, quiet and can be left in the blind. Your face and hands are what moves the most, so don’t forget to wear a facemask or face paint and be sure your hands are covered with gloves or camo paint.



Bowhunting in a Ground Blind

When bowhunting from a ground blind, concealment still matters. Mossy Oak Eclipse was made specifically for ground blind hunters to conceal a hunter that’s set up in a dark ground blind while still maintaining camouflage effectiveness to naturally blend into the woods. You also want to make sure the material is quiet for drawing back the bow. To keep concealed even more, don’t sit so close to the window opening. Sit as far back in the blind as you can to still comfortably and quietly draw your bow. And remember, keep your hands and face concealed, too.



Best Ground Blind for Bowhunting

Bowhunting from a ground blind can be challenging if your blind isn’t big enough. You need lots of room to be able to draw your bow back. How the windows open is important for bowhunting in a ground blind. Find one that allows the window to be opened at a minimum to get the job done. The smaller the opening, the better you’re concealed. Be sure it has good anchors and corner loops for tying it down, and you want a good, thick material that won’t fade for tear.



Rifle Hunting from a Ground Blind

Just because you can make a shot from a distance is no excuse to be lazy. Concealment still matters. Think about your optics and the reflection they may put off. Keep your scope down as much as possible. And if you’re using binoculars to glass, get as far back in the blind as you can to reduce glare from the lenses. Make sure your gun barrel is concealed as well. You don’t want to blow your cover because of a shiny gun barrel.



Waterproofing Your Ground Blind

Before you set your ground blind up in the woods, you want to spray it with a waterproofing, silicone spray. You want to treat the blind before you set it up to let the treatment set and for the scent to air out. Spray the top and the seams really well to help repel water off of the blind.



DIY Ground Blind Accessories | Bow Hanger

Ground blinds typically have a rod across the top inside the blind which is a great place to have hooks to keep equipment like bows or binoculars. Take welding rods or some other stiff wire and bend them about two inches from one end and five inches from the other to make an S hook. Wrap the hook in electrical wire for concealment and less noise and hang over the top rod. This is a cheap, easy way to make storage in a ground blind.









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