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Waterproofing A Ground Blind

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waterproofing a ground blind

In order to truly get the most out of deer hunting in a ground blind, one must first put time into scouting so that blind location is in the perfect spot. Once this is done, most hunters will anchor down their blind, brush it in and then leave it for a period of time until it is time to hunt. In order to get the most out of the hunting experience with a ground blind, a quality blind is a must. This blind needs to be made of strong fabrics along with a stout framework that can withstand any weather conditions that Mother Nature throws at it. One thing hunters can do to make their ground blind last longer in the weather, as well as allow for hunting no matter the weather conditions, is to waterproof the blind with a silicone spray such as Silicone Water Guard-Guard Spray by Atsko or Hunters Specialties Water Repellant Spray.

Before taking the ground blind to the field, hunters can set up the blind in the backyard and spray the top of the blind, as well as all of the seams of the exterior of the blind, with these types of sprays. After spraying with a thick coat of spray, let the blind dry completely for at least 24 hours before disassembling it to take it to the field. This is to make sure not only that the waterproofing spray is completely dry but will also allow time for any smell to dissipate as well. After getting the blind assembled in the field, spray down again with a scent eliminating spray to get rid of all unwanted odors before hunting.

By waterproofing the exterior, this allows for an extra layer of protection when the blind will be sitting in the same location over a period of time. Waterproofing the blind also give extra protection when actually hunting. One of the best times to see a lot of deer movement, especially in crops fields or open fields which is where a ground blind is ideal, is during a light rain or during falling snow. By having an extra layer of protection from the waterproofing spray, a hunter can stay dry, which in turn will allow for a longer sit until the time is right to take the shot on a trophy animal.



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