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MAD MAX Portable Ground Blind


Brian Stephens 

As a gear junkie, I’m always looking for new ways to help get an edge on a gobbler when turkey hunting.  Just when you think you have that old long beard figured out, he is going to humble you, sending you back to the truck frustrated.  A new hunting product that I am really excited to use in the woods is the new MAD MAX Portable Ground Blind.

The new MAD MAX ground blind is designed for hunters who like to move around from spot to spot.  The MAD MAX Portable Ground Blind from M.A.D. Calls renders hunters invisible in seconds based on its design. The new blind is built around a shooting stick frame; this easy-to-use ground blind hides a hunter sitting on the ground behind die-cut, camo blind material that slides out each fork of the shooting stick frame.  

MadMax_llThe new MAD MAX Blind easily folds up and can be stored in your vest allowing you to quickly move to your next hunting location.  Most other ground blinds that have a similar concept are designed so you have to shoot over the top part of the blind. While effective, this increases your likelihood of getting busted by whatever animal you are hunting. No matter if you are a gun or bowhunter, what I think makes this blind unique is the V-shape opening it has to allow you to put your gun through, shoot your bow through or even film with a camera. The support rod that braces the blind can be rotated to either the front or backside of the blind.  The benefit of this is if you are shooting a bow, it will not interfere with your shot but will still allow the blind to stand up.  

The fabric both provides cover for the hunter and adds rigidity to the frame that the hunter can use as a trustworthy gun rest. As we know, the key to turkey hunting is not only getting the bird to come in but also minimizing your movement so you can get your shot off.  This blind is easy to set up, and provides the necessary cover to allow you to set up quickly in virtually any terrain.  Another use of this blind is for hunting with kids.  I am getting my boys involved in turkey hunting and my older son wants to hunt from the ground this season.  We will be using a crossbow, so MAD MAX will be perfect for us to set up two of them side by side.  This will allow me coach him and he can still be concealed to make the shot.

The MAD MAX ground blind will also be a tool for us as we bowhunt predators and even hogs from the ground this summer.  The blind will allow us to move from location to location and provide the cover we need to draw our bows and get the shot off on a nasty coyote or big old boar hog down in Central Florida. There are a number of uses for any hunter with the MAD MAX Ground Blind in the versatile Break-Up Infinity pattern.

The MAD MAX Blind is super lightweight and compact to fit easily in your backpack, turkey vest or to simply carry along with your gun or bow.  The MAD MAX is 36” x 36” so it is a great choice for turkey, deer, hogs or predator hunting. If you are looking for a portable blind to give you just enough cover yet be able to pack up and move to another location in a matter of seconds, then I suggest you check out the MAD MAX Portable Ground Blind in Mossy Oak patterns today.

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