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Allen’s Shocker Series Turkey Products Improve Your Hunt

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For a turkey hunter to fine tune their skills and achieve a high level of success, it seems that they develop a desire to find new gear that not only makes the hunt easier, but also more enjoyable. To put it quite simply, they yearn for products that make them a better hunter. The folks at Allen Company have come up with a product line labeled the Shocker Series. To be shocker-worthy, these products must encompass those two things; make turkey hunting easier and make one a better turkey hunter.  Allen’s NEW Shocker product line is designed with the turkey hunter in mind. These products are designed with inception, have purpose-driven storage compartments, and are made with quality materials that hold up to the toughest abuse that a turkey hunter can put them through. 

Allen Shocker facemaskShocker Turkey Neck Gaiter

It’s no secret that a wild turkey’s best defense is their incredible eye sight. If a hunter makes the slightest bit of movement, it can be game over. This especially reigns true when it comes to a hunter’s face. Face nets that are made from mesh work; however, they can be uncomfortable to wear due to the itchiness of the mesh. Let’s also not forget to mention that a mesh face net doesn’t form to one’s head, and that the classic nose piece that bends to shape over the nose is uncomfortable, thus hunters begin pulling down the mask or even removing it completely. 

Realizing how uncomfortable mesh face nets could be, resulted in the introduction of the spandex mask. Spandex proved to do a better job at conforming and covering the hunter’s face; however, the compression fit made them so uncomfortable that hunters could not wear the material for an extended period.  Comfort is where the NEW Shocker Turkey Neck Gaiter shines. It is made of breathable mesh that has an adjustable pull cord design so that it gives the hunter a secure fit. And to increase the comfort level even more, it features a moldable nose bridge that sits comfortably on the nose for a longer period while hunting.  As for this product making one a better turkey hunter, the front features a convenient diaphragm call pocket. This feature means that misplacing one’s mouth call is a thing of the past, which also means that making unnecessary movement in search of it also goes out the window. It is always within a small reach every time.

The Shocker Turkey Neck Gaiter comes in Mossy Oak Obsession and retails for $17.99

Shocker Cut-N-Run Turkey Pack

For years, turkey hunters didn’t go to the woods without a bulky turkey vest that was weighed down with every piece of gear that the hunter owned.  Even though they held a lot of gear, the ability to move quickly and quietly on a traveling gobbler was a challenge due to having to pack everything back up each time.  Other disadvantages of a bulky turkey vest included calls being unorganized, which resulted in the daunting task of searching for a specific call each time. Add the fact that the hunter would often sound like a circus clown walking through the woods due to everything in the vest beating and banging together since every call was thrown into one big pocket, and it is not hard to understand why there was a need for a major improvement in the old school turkey vest. 

Allen Shocker turkey packThe last couple of years, more compact designs of turkey hunting packs that fit on one’s chest have increases in popularity. The only problem is that they are not as secure, which makes them sway back and forth with every step. The other dislike with these compact designs was that they didn’t carry enough gear that is truly needed when hunting. 
Allen has developed the Shocker Cut-N-Run Turkey Pack that not only has a strap that goes around one’s neck, but also features another strap that fits around the area of the chest, so that the pack fits securely even when moving at a fast pace through the woods while doing a running-and-gunning style of hunting.  This pack is well-designed with many pockets, each with a specific purpose. The Cut-N-Run Turkey Pack features three neoprene diaphragm call pockets, two striker sleeves, elastic loops for additional shotgun shells, a divided box call pocket that prevents rubbing while walking. Plus, it has zippered rear pockets, front storage pockets, and features magnetic front flaps for fast and quiet access to calls. This convenient turkey pack makes the hunter lighter so that they can travel throughout the day without feeling like a pack mule, while still having room for the essential gear that is needed to be successful.

The Shocker Cut-N-Run Turkey Pack is available in Mossy Oak Obsession and retails for $49.99.

Shocker Turkey Gloves

The other must have element when it comes to staying camouflaged from a turkey’s eye sight is the coverage of one’s hands. It is not only the most used body part while setting up on a turkey, it is also the easiest body movement to be spotted. The problem with older style gloves is that they fit too loose, making it impossible to pick up a mouth call, use a striker on a friction call, and most importantly, they made it difficult to feel the trigger when a big gobbler would present itself within range. 

Shocker turkey glovesThe Shocker Turkey Gloves not only have a tighter compression type fit for better use, they are also packed with features that are specifically designed for the turkey hunter. Features such as silicone grips on the palms for better feel for smaller items such as a diaphragm call and extended cuffs to keep bugs out. The unique features of the Shocker Turkey Gloves are the convenient spur ruler that is built in on the palm and the touchscreen fingertips that make using a cell phone possible without removing gloves, thus eliminating movement. They also come with small pockets built in that holds a mouth call securely in place, making them easy to find when ready to use.

The Shocker Turkey Gloves are available in Mossy Oak Obsession and retail for $17.99.

Hyper-Lite Shocker Turkey Sling

Shocker gun slingThe most important piece of gear that a turkey hunter must carry with them on every hunt is their weapon. There are many bowhunters, yet most turkey hunters carry a shotgun while hunting. Even though a weapon is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to being successful, it can also be one of the most challenging items to carry around throughout the entire hunt. If a hunter must do a lot of walking, carrying a shotgun can become heavy and slings can begin digging into one’s shoulder making it uncomfortable to continue hunting. The Hypa-Lite Shocker Turkey Sling from Allen is made with the turkey hunter in mind. It is constructed of durable, lightweight, low density foam with a non-slip backing to always keep the gun secure while walking. The front of the sling is concealed with Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage, plus it has three mouth call pockets with a quiet opening flap and two extra shotgun shell loops. The sling is 3.25 inches wide, 14 inches long, includes adjustable ladder lock buckle and swivels and has been tested up to 300 pounds.

The Hyper-Lite Shocker Turkey Sling retails for $29.99.

Gear Fit PURSUIT Shocker Turkey Gun Case

Before and after the hunt, it is important to keep the shotgun protected until it is ready to be used. Ordinary shot shell cases help to keep the dust off and protect the gun from minor scratches. Hard shell cases can be heavy and bulky and often take up a lot of room in a vehicle going to and from the hunt. Allen’s NEW Shocker series has storage covered as well. As with their other hunting gear, they put storage, effectiveness, and quality into their NEW Gear Fit Pursuit Shocker Turkey Case. This great looking Mossy Oak Obsession/NWTF camo gun case holds and protects shotguns up to 52 inches.  The inside of the case houses heavy-duty, dual-density foam ultimate protection. The lining is easy to clean, and the oversized zippers make it easy to open and close and is even lockable. 

As for the outside of the case, this is where Allen’s strategic design for the turkey hunter features shine. This gun case has an integrated turkey beard and spur tape to measure up the hunter’s trophy after the hunt. This case also features front pockets made of neoprene to hold slate calls and customized pockets for strikers and box calls, and four slots for mouth calls. The rear pocket has four slots for extra choke tubes and an extra pocket for accessories such as gloves and facemask.  The Shocker Turkey Gun Case not only is protection for a shotgun but can store calls and gear safely through the season and even during the off season.

Allen Shocker gun case

The Gear Fit Pursuit Shocker Turkey Gun Case is available in Mossy Oak Obsession/NWTF camo and retails for $69.99.

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