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Allen Company Hunter’s Accessory Case

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The hunting industry has continued to explode over the past five years with more and more technology leading to more equipment for us to use as hunters.  Hey, listen, this is a good thing if it helps us get closer to game or allows our equipment to perform better. I now have more gear and accessories to keep track of.  In the past it has been a collection of little cases, bags and boxes scattered in my travel pack to keep my hunting accessories organized. There is another option for us as hunters.  The Allen Company makes a case called the Hunter’s Accessory Case that is a perfect way to keep your gear and accessories organized and safe.

One of the first things I noticed about this case is how well it is made.  It has an Endura outer shell allowing it to withstand wear and tear in the field and when traveling.  It also has a great look to it with the green and Mossy Oak Break-Up contrast colors.  This Allen Company Hunter’s Accessory Case folds open with a total open size of 16”x22”.  Inside the case there are 8 zippered compartments made from clear plastic making it super easy to see each of the items in the various pockets.  There are a variety of pocket sizes that make it perfect to hold things such as allen tools, broaheads, vanes, field points, nocks, glue, wind checker, batteries, face paint, tools, and more. Additionally, there are some larger sized pockets that will hold larger items such as knives, screw drivers, and flashlights. Each pocket is secured with a zipper ensuring items do not fall out in transport.

AllenCo_llOn the outside of the Hunter’s Accessory Case there is a compartment that allows for an external plastic box to be stored.  Within this plastic box you can store additional items that need to stay dry, clean or just organized.  You are able to adjust the size of the compartments, allowing you to customize your items for maximum organization. This plastic box easily secures on the side of the case with its own customized zipper compartment.

The Allen Company Hunter’s Accessory Case has web handles that make it easy to carry or transport the case.  One of the things that I like to do is take this case with me on my trips.  Because it can fold up and zip, I will pack it in may travel bag to take with me on hunts. This gives me the confidence that if something goes wrong and I need to quickly access a tool or piece of equipment, I can go to the case and it is all there nicely organized.  When you are out in the field and something goes wrong you have to be able to fix it right then or your hunt is over.  Having tools and accessories with you in the field could save your hunt.  This case makes it easy to bring it with you no matter where you are.

While the Hunter’s Accessory Case has the name Hunter associated with it, it does not mean you only have to use it during hunting season. It could be a great accessory case for fishing and other outdoor activities. To learn more about the Allen Company Hunter’s Accessory Case or any of the other many hunting accessories and gear by Allen Company visit

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