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Mossy Oak Obsession Shocker Turkey Gloves

Shocker turkey gloves

Allen Company has designed a glove specifically for turkey hunters, The Shocker. This lightweight, Mossy Oak Obsession glove features a diaphragm call pocket, smartphone compatible fingertips, great grip and a built in spur measure.

In the past, a turkey hunter would make a harvest then have to carry their bird to the truck, drive home, get a camera, measure the beard and spurs, then wait to tell their buddies. By the time all of this had taken place, the excitement of a successful hunt had started to die back down.

In today's world, hunters have access to a built-in camera on their phone to take success photos from the exact spot of the harvest, then post to social media for everyone to see within minutes.

With Allen Company's NEW Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves, hunters can take those photos for social media without ever having to take off their gloves. They can also get measurements while in the field, all while wearing these comfortable and stylish camo gloves that are clearly designed for the turkey hunter.

The Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves come in Mossy Oak Obsession, the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation and America’s No. 1 Turkey Hunting Camouflage.  They also come with specific features that turkey hunters will love.

Allen Company gloves

  • Easy-to-Reach Diaphragm Pockets - Located on top of the glove, turkey hunters will never have to dig in pockets or in a turkey vest to find their diaphragm call. With this pocket, it is always within reach when ready to make a call.
  • Spur Length Guide - Now hunters don’t have to wait to see how long the spurs on their trophy is, the built-in measurements located on each palm (patent pending) gives hunters a quick reading to include on hunt details for social media post.
  • Touch Screen Fingertip Design - When the adrenaline level from a successful hunt is high, hunters can text loved ones to inform them of a job well done, or post pictures to social media without having to take their gloves off.
  • Turkey Track Silicone Pattern Grip - Not only are the Shocker Gloves built from a lightweight, breathable, stretch fit pattern that creates a custom fit, they also come with Turkey Tracks made of silicone covering the palm for a superior grip. Hunters can get a grip on calls, gear, and their gun or bow and be able to show their love for turkey hunting with this unique design.

About Allen Company: 
Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Allen Company was founded in 1970 and is the leading provider of hunting, shooting, archery and tactical-related products to the outdoor industry. By continuously striving to improve our product design and quality, we have set our sights on making the Allen brand known and trusted by the entire outdoor population as the best product for the money.

Allen Company is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc

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