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GameKeepers' Duck and Bacon Sausage Mac n Cheese

Recipe by Zane Dearien

Look, it’s not going to be healthy, but it’s going to be good. Zane Dearien even includes optional Uncle Rays chips for a crunchy topping for this impressive wild duck mac n’ cheese recipe.

Mac and cheese

Wild Game Mac and Cheese Recipe


2 pounds GameKeepers Duck and Bacon Sausage (Broadleaf)

1 medium Yellow Onion (small diced)

1 head Garlic (minced)

2.5 pounds Pasta (I use Campanella Noodle)

2 quarts Heavy Cream

7 oz Pepper Jack Cheese

15 oz American Cheese

3 tablespoons Hot Sauce (I prefer Crystal’s)

4 tablespoons Butter unsalted

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 Box Premium Saltine Crackers OR 

6 small bags UNCLE RAY’S MOSSY OAK Blazed Cheddar and Jalapeno Chips


  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add salt to make taste like the ocean. Once boiling cook pasta until al dente (about 1 minute less than what the package says to cook it). We do this because it is going to be baked also so we do not want our pasta over cooked.
  2. While the pasta is cooking bring your heavy cream to a heavy simmer and add your cheese to it and stir constantly to melt and make a creamy sauce. Once the sauce is creamy add your hot sauce and season to taste with salt and pepper. Set aside until we are ready to mix.
  3. Take your sausage, cut it out of its casings, smash it up into small chunks with your hands or masher. Set it aside.
  4. Small dice your onion and mince your garlic head. Set it aside.
  5. Get a large enough pan to hold the sausage, onion, and garlic; and warm over med high heat add your 4 tablespoons of butter let melt then sweat the onion and garlic out until translucent. At this time add you broken up sausage to the pan and cook until rendered and browned. Set it aside.
  6. Once all our items are prepped mix them all together in a butter baking pan and cover with Uncle Ray’s chips or Saltine crackers.
  7. Place in a 350 F oven and bake uncovered until golden brown and bubbly.
  8. Remove from oven and let cool and set slightly then garnish with chives, parsley, and hot sauce!

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