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Wild Game Sausage Recipes Perfect for the Grill

Sam Kohler

As we celebrate our great nation’s independence this 4th of July, make your Independence day celebration one to remember by spicing up your grill or smoker with the Gamekeeper Butchery’s Wild Game Sausage Package. This must-have variety pack gives you a natural selection of premium wild game sausages made with unique flavors that will excite your palate and make your cookout unforgettable.

Below we have provided a detailed description of each sausage and some recipes and ideas of how to make amazing condiments that will leave your family and friends begging for more!

Classic Venison Sausage

venison sausage dog

The first sausage in the pack is our Gamekeeper Butchery Classic Venison Sausage. This sausage is perfect for anyone who is new to wild game and is filled with the classic brat tastes and textures. As a Wisconsinite, my favorite way to prepare this sausage is by beer braising this sausage before searing it on the grill to get a nice sweet note on the sausage that pairs brilliantly with spicy mustard and sauerkraut. Another easy addition is adding onions to the beer braising liquid and using the beer braised onions as a topping as well! Checkout this Wisconsin Venison Sausage recipe if you want to make your brat Wisconsin style.

Duck and Bacon Sausage

Duck and bacon sausage dog

The Duck and Bacon sausage is an amazing combination of the rich texture of the ducks paired with the sweet and salty flavor of bacon. This sausage is extremely versatile and can be prepared classically on the grill, but is a great pairing in any cajun or creole style recipes. In my Duck Sausage recipe, I garnish the sausage with a cajun holy trinity slaw that beautifully cuts the rich flavor of the sausage with the cool, bright crunch of the slaw.

Mushroom and Swiss Pheasant Sausage

Pheasant Sausage

I can guarantee this sausage will be a fan favorite at your cookout. This pheasant sausage has the savory flavors of mushroom and swiss cheese that are perfectly contrasted by the light and tender texture of pheasant. Not only is this sausage delicious on its own in a bun, it's also an amazing choice if you want to mix up the classic pigs in a blanket for the kids to enjoy! For my rendition of this sausage, I decided to use Gamekeeper Butchery’s Wild Boar Bacon to make a sweet, spicy, and savory bacon jam with grated swiss to take this amazing sausage to the next level.

White Wine Rabbit Sausage

Rabbit sausage dog

This rabbit sausage has a lighter texture paired with subtle sweet notes from the white wine. This sausage is perfect on a bun, but it also is delicious when mixed with cream based pasta sauces or when braised with fresh vegetables. This being said, my favorite way to prepare this sausage is by contrasting it with robust, rich flavors of roasted garlic and pancetta that perfectly balance the lighter textured rabbit. Checkout my Rabbit Sausage with Mustard Garlic Aioli and Pancetta recipe to see how you could bring this same brat to your next cookout.

Apples, Pears, and Port Wine Elk Sausage

elk sausage dog

This elk sausage blends the lean texture of elk with the sweet flavors of apples, pears, and port wine that perfectly embody the flavors of summer. There are alot of options with this sausage in terms of preparation from adding it sliced on a charcuterie board to adding it to seasonal soups. In my preparation for 4th of July, I decided to make an Apple Tomato Chutney and Goat Cheese Elk Sausage, which combines an acidic, spicy chutney with a sharp crumbled goat cheese that will be sure to excite everyone’s pallets at your 4th of July party.

3 Chile Wild Boar Sausage

wild boar sausage dog

This wild boar sausage is perfectly designed for anyone who enjoys some extra heat in your food. Made with wild harvested boar, this sausage is not only great for the environment, but also amazing for your palate. You can add this sausage as a great addition to any gumbo or jambalaya or add it to marinara sauce to make an unforgettable spicy pasta dish. In order to enhance the natural flavors of this sausage, I prepared a South of the Border Brat with smoked candied jalapenos, pickled onions, and an avocado crema that will definitely be the star of the show for your cookout.

Buy this sausage sampler now from GameKeeper Butchery and get cooking!

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