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Why Hank Parker Wears Mossy Oak


Editor’s Note: Hank Parker is the host of three television shows, “Hank Parker 3D” on the Pursuit Channel, “Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood” on the Outdoor Channel and the “Hank Parker Outdoor Magazine” fishing show on the Pursuit Channel and NBC Sports Network. Parker won the Bassmaster Classic in 1979 and 1989 and is an avid outdoorsman.

I’ve worn Mossy Oak camouflage throughout my career, whenever and wherever I’ve thought the patterns fit the terrain where I’ve been hunting. I believe Mossy Oak Obsession is the best camo ever created for turkey hunting, and I love to turkey hunt. I’ve always worn Mossy Oak Obsession, since the day it came out. When I talked with Toxey Haas, the creator of Mossy Oak, about the history and philosophy of Mossy Oak, how he created the company with his family and why he named his camouflage pattern Mossy Oak, I really was impressed. I realized after only a few hours of working with the Mossy Oak staff that their philosophy was right in line with mine. They believed in family, the outdoors, friends, my spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and all the things that were important to me. Everything I had developed as my personal philosophy of life through the years was in line with the people at Mossy Oak.

Parker1_llOne thing I’ve learned from the people at Mossy Oak is there are no lesser species of animals. Mossy Oak embraces all people who hunt. The company’s philosophy is, “If you’re a coon hunter, come on board, brother. You’re one of us.” If you’re a squirrel hunter, Mossy Oak says, “You’re in our fraternity and our family. If you’re an alligator hunter, a possum hunter, a deer hunter, a turkey hunter, an elk hunter, a bear hunter, an upland bird hunter, or, if you hunt any other kind of animal or bird or you like to catch fish, we welcome you into our fraternity. If you’re a trophy deer hunter or a safari hunter, you’re welcome and invited to be a part of our fraternity.

Mossy Oak is a bunch of good ole boys and good ole girls. They’re the kind of people who wear Mossy Oak camouflage and buy equipment branded with Mossy Oak. They love each other. They love the consumers they serve, and they give back to the outdoor industry, as well as to many charities. I think Mossy Oak’s giving philosophy, in support of a wide range of charities, is one of the reasons I feel so fortunate to be in the Mossy Oak family and enjoy wearing the Mossy Oak brand and being considered a part of the Mossy Oak ProStaff team.

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