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Hank Parker on Preventing the Buck from Seeing You Move or Draw


Editor’s Note: Hank Parker has worn Mossy Oak camo since the company’s inception. He hosts two hunting shows; Hank Parker 3D on the Pursuit Network and Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood on the Outdoor Channel, and a fishing show that has run on the Outdoor Channel for 30 years titled Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine.

HankParker3_llLike many bowhunters, I want to get a deer in close before I shoot. I’m often asked, “Hank, how do you know when to take the shot?” To take a buck when he is in close, the most-important factor is the body language of the deer to gauge when you can and cannot move. When you do move, ensure your movements are fluid and extremely slow; avoid jerking and twitching. Another very-important key is to be certain the bow is right in front of your body, never to the side. Make sure when you pick up your bow that both the bow and arrow aren’t outside the frame of your body. You do not want the deer to see your bow or arrow silhouetted when in motion.

Personally, as soon as I see a deer, regardless of how far away he is, or even if I have yet to decide to take the shot, I’ll take my bow off the hanger and hold it in my hand. If the deer is a shooter buck, I’ll bring my bow up to draw. All the movement is within the frame of my body and the trunk of the tree. I always make whatever moves I need to make when the deer isn’t looking, unaware of the impending shot. 

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