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Mossy Oak's Top Ten Blogs of 2013


With the year coming to a close, we thought we'd recap the year on by featuring our Top Ten, most-read blogs. We sure have a well-rounded group of readers. Thanks for making our year one of the best yet!

10. ProStaffer Tracy Groves gives tips and tactics for Public Land Turkey Hunting. His advice? Call softly and sit long. 

9. Our readers like a little Do It Yourself information. This article explains how to Build a Portable Shooting House.

8. Ah, yes. The elusive turkey. The lengths we'll go to get them closer. Our resident "gear junkie," Brian Stephens, provided a Turkey Call Round Up in preparation for the 2013 turkey season.


7. Jason Daugherty the Giant Killer Takes One of Biggest Eastern Turkeys Ever Harvested. Jason gave us a call one day, excited about his second turkey taken on his third ever turkey hunt. I imagine he's a turkey hunter for life. 

6. We've partnered with ScoutLook to offer the Mossy Oak Hunting Weather App. Brian Stephens tells us about his experience with the cool, new app. 

5. These ladies are really making their mark on the hunting industry with apparel and accessories made for women and girls. Girls With Guns Offers Casual Wear Featuring Mossy Oak.

4. You can never learn enough when it comes to chasing deer. This article by "World's Greatest" John "Bubba" Phillips explains The Effect Moon Phase Has on Hunting Deer

3. Our newest pattern, Shadow Grass Blades, launched earlier this year and we set out to make it OUT OF THIS WORLD! That's right. Blades went to space

2. A recipe by our own Greg Tinsley takes on a life of its own. He REALLY likes chili. And he found The World's Best Deer Chili.

1. Designing effective camouflage patterns is what we do, and we're happy to say that our Introduction of Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades was our most popular post on in 2013! 

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