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Hank Parker Says that Mossy Oak Always Makes the Difference


Editor’s Note: Hank Parker has worn Mossy Oak since the company’s inception. He hosts two hunting shows; Hank Parker 3D on the Pursuit Network and Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood on the Outdoor Channel, and a fishing show that has run on the Outdoor Channel for 30 years titled Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine.

HankParker2_llWhen Mossy Oak was first introduced, I fell in love with the Bottomland pattern. It was the first camouflage I had ever seen that was brown. Back in the day, I tried several different types of camouflage, but I always came back to Mossy Oak. For the last 7 years, it is the only camouflage pattern I have worn. One of the main reasons I have worn Mossy Oak exclusively over the years is because that company has developed an array of patterns to blend with so many-different types of terrain that I never need to look at another brand. During turkey season, I wear Obsession, the best spring turkey pattern. During early-to-mid deer season, I wear Break-Up Infinity. One pattern that I really love is Mossy Oak Treestand, one of the best patterns ever made for the tree stand hunter. 

When asked about a hunt when Mossy Oak has made the difference between my family having a full or an empty freezer. I can’t pick out just one hunt simply because there are too many to count. Most of the time when I’m hunting, one or two deer will look at me in the tree. When those deer don’t spook and can’t identify me as a human is a hunt made successful by Mossy Oak. The bottom line is: Mossy Oak always makes the difference.

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