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QDMA Releases 2013 Whitetail Report

QDMAreportThe Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has released the 2013 Whitetail Report, the most comprehensive report on the status of white-tailed deer available anywhere.

The 2013 Whitetail Report, along with previous Whitetail Reports, can be viewed as PDFs online at Additionally, for the first time in the history of the Whitetail Report, anyone wishing to purchase a printed copy of the 2013 edition can do so for $10 by visiting The Shed, the official store of QDMA, at or by calling 800-209-3337.

Created to emphasize the critical position of whitetails as the foundation of the entire North American hunting industry, the Whitetail Report examines data from all parts of the whitetail's range to measure improvements in management of the whitetail resource and monitor threats to its future. Now in its fifth year, it is intended to be a useful resource for communicators, media members, industry leaders and hunters.

The 2013 Whitetail Report breaks down a variety of topics into four parts:

  • Part 1 focuses on state/provincial deer harvests during the past three seasons, including the buck harvest by age class and other insights. Find which states/provinces are shooting the most bucks and does, and see what type of aging techniques each state/province uses.

  • Part 2 covers recent trends and the most pressing issues facing whitetails including a compiled list of the top threats to deer management. See how many whitetails are being killed on damage/depredation tags, by deer-vehicle accidents and by disease. Read about hunter success, and see that the number of hunters increased for the first time since 1975! Learn how unprecedented warm weather and high corn prices led to the most acres of corn being planted in 75 years! In a subsection of Part 2, QDMA explains its stance on captive deer breeding and explores trends and statistics related to the captive deer industry.

  • Part 3 is an informative reference section that includes information on producing quality habitat on a budget, forming Quality Deer Management (QDM) Cooperatives, and much more.

  • Part 4 provides an overview of QDMA's REACH program and includes information on our Youth and Land Certification Programs. It also includes valuable directories for QDMA Branches and state/provincial deer project leaders.

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