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whitetail buck in field

Austin Delano with Mossy Oak BioLogic provides some tips for quality deer management. There are adjustments that can be made to both the land and deer herd that can help you reach your land management and/or deer management goals.

Benefits of Herd Management

The interest and passion for gamekeeping is increasing as property owners and hunters work towards building a habitat for wildlife and improving their property. The QDMA is a great resource for deer management that includes both herd management and land management tips and techniques. A few simple tips for creating a better deer habitat are managing native plant species already present on the land. Controlled burning can do wonders for the health of those native plants and your deer herd. If you have too many deer on your property, you may see your crops struggle to grow. Managing deer density can have an agricultural benefit for your land as well.



Goals and Objectives for Your Property

Before you set out to make changes to your land or deer herd, determine your goals and objectives. It’s a great idea to enlist the help of your local biologist or department of natural resources. Quality deer management begins with determining your deer density. If you have too many deer, there is greater competition for food that leads to high stress and an unhealthy deer herd. On the flipside, you may not have many deer on your land at all. A biologist can help you determine carrying capacity, and the steps you need to take to increase your deer herd like planting more acreage or creating sanctuary, cover and bedding areas. You may even want to be part of a QDMA co-op. GameKeepers learn from each other, so ask for advice and share what you’ve learned. Set new goals and objectives every year to continually care for the wildlife on your land.



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