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2013 Turkey Call Round Up


Brian Stephens | 

Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs

One of the challenges you face when turkey hunting in Florida is the dew in the mornings.  There are many friction calls that will not work in a damp environment.  One of the benefits of the Turkey Thugs friction call is it has a glass surface that will work in any weather situation.  Reach out and break the silence when gobblers are staying quiet with the Turkey Thug Glass Friction Call from Quaker Boy.  This high-pitched, extremely loud glass call delivers big raspy volume by combining a synthetic pot, loud glass surface, and matched carbon striker.  Enabling you to keep calling in any weather condition, the Thug Glass helps you make the high-pitched and raspy locator calls you need when gobblers are silent. 

M.A.D. Triple Threat Diaphragm

MADOver the past few years I have become a fan of triple reed mouth calls.  I am not a champion caller and feel like these calls allow me to make better sounds. They seem to be a bit more rookie friendly allowing me to produce more realistic sounds.  Put the knowledge and experience behind nine national championships into your turkey-calling arsenal with the MAD Masters Triple Threat Diaphragm Turkey Call Three Pack.  The Triple Threat starts with the easy blowing Soft Touch Double Reed mouth call designed by Mossy Oak ProStaffer Billy Yargas.  Next is the powerful 3.5 reed inverted V cutter call from another Mossy Oak ProStaffer Matt Van Cise. It's a higher pitched cutter call with half of an inverted V to create a nice raspy yelping with a hint of high pitch hen. A 3.5 inverted V cutter call designed by Mark Drury and hand assembled by Matt Van Cise finishes out the three pack, giving you powerful calling tools to bring those gobblers in.

Primos Super FREAK Box Call

We all love and use our box calls at some point when we are in the turkey woods.  I cannot live without mine especially in trying to locate birds on a windy day.  There is nothing more frustrating than your box call making noise when you do not want it to.  In the past I have used a rubber band to secure the call.  Well Primos has fixed that issue with the new Super Freak Box Call.  As a bowhunter, I also like the fact that I can use the call with one hand.  This allows me to have one hand on the bow or camera if filming.  Enjoy the great traditional turkey sound of a box call and easy, one-handed operation with the Primos Super FREAK Box Turkey Call. This call's unique design allows you to easily mount the call to your leg for easy, one-handed calling, allowing you to call turkeys in with minimal movement. The Super FREAK box call pairs a one-piece mahogany box with a custom laminate paddle for great sound. Comes with easy on/off leg strap for secure mount on leg or gun.

Primos Hook Hunter Carry Case

PrimosCaseKeep your arsenal of turkey mouth calls easily accessible and in great condition with the Hook Hunter Diaphragm Turkey Call Case from Primos.  I have unfortunately lost many of my calls over the years because I put my mouth call in a shirt pocket or pants pocket.  I will definitely be using this new Primos carry case because it will help me keep my calls organized and allow me to easily locate it when needed.  This durable cloth case stores up to eight mouth calls in mesh compartments that allow the calls to breathe and dry out properly. With a compact design that fits easily in a shirt pocket or turkey vest pocket, the Hook Hunter Case also features a lanyard that allows you to wear it around your neck or mounted to your leg for easy access to your calls. Protect and prolong the life of your favorite turkey mouth calls with the Hook Hunter Turkey Call Case. 

Primos Heart Breaker

PrimosHBboxWith its 3D laser engraved lid and select hardwood construction, the Heart Breaker Limited Edition Box Call from Primos looks as beautiful as it sounds.  This double-sided, custom grade box call features a trough-style box cut from a single piece of select-grade mahogany.  Versatile, double-sided design allows you to produce a full range of raspy yelps, clucks, and cuts for deadly effectiveness in both the spring and fall. The call's select hardwood paddle features a beautiful 3D turkey scene laser-engraved into the top and comes with preset angle and tension for easier use right out of the box. Part of Primos' Heritage Series of turkey calls, the Heart Breaker Limited Edition Box Call makes a great gift. It's individually signed and numbered by Will Primos.

Primos Bombshell Push/Pull

One of the reasons I hesitated to get into turkey hunting years ago was being intimidated by the turkey calls.  I did not have the confidence to use a mouth call or friction call.  I love that Primos has developed The Primos Bombshell Push/Pull Style Hen Turkey Call. It is the result of three years of prototyping, testing and tweaking to bring turkey hunters the best sounding, most versatile, simple-to-use turkey call. Simply push the rail to yelp, tap the rail to cut, and slowly press the rail to purr or whine. The Bombshell’s rail can be easily adjusted to tune the call for a higher or raspier pitch. Lock the rail into place for quiet transport while you move around in the woods. In addition, the Bombshell is designed to be mounted to a gun to allow for easy one-handed operation. Beginners as well as experienced turkey hunters will appreciate that this is one of the most accurate, simple and bulletproof turkey calls on the market. Bring in the tom’s this spring with the Primos Bombshell Push/Pull Style Hen Turkey Call.

Primos Double Gobble Call

Combining an easy-to-use hand blown turkey call design with amazing versatility, the Double Gobble Turkey Call from Primos helps you locate gobblers and bring them in. An effective blow call, the Double Gobble also comes with a removable bellows that gives you great calling diversity.  A one-handed shake call delivers the gobble of a young jake, while a two-handed pump call produces the sound of a mature gobbler. This unique call also features a silencer cap to ensure no accidental calls.

Quaker Boy Easy Yelper

QBYelperI wish this call was around when I started turkey hunting.  No telling how many more birds I may have called in versus trying to do it with mouth call.  There are so many applications to this type of call no matter if you are just starting out or calling for a long time.  The new waterproof Easy Yelper allows you to stay in the woods even when it is raining.  Easy to use in all weather conditions and one-hand operation is extremely user-friendly. Simply push or pull gobblers in.

Primos Heart Breaker Friction

Enjoy loud, clean, accurate, high-pitched calls from a beautiful friction turkey call with the Limited Edition Heart Breaker Glass Friction Turkey Call from Primos.  These calls are numbered and signed by Will Primos. This true limited edition call features Primos' CRYSTAL surface to generate high-pitched calls up to 15,000 Hz to grab gobblers' attention. A great locator call, the Heart Breaker features a select-grade mahogany pot with a beautiful 3D turkey scene laser-engraved under the glass surface.  the call comes with a limited edition hardwood striker and two abrasive prep pads.

Primos Hook Hunter Crew Cut

Bring wise ol' toms to you with the Curved Hooks Diaphragm Turkey Call with Crew Cut from Primos.  Part of Primos' Hook Hunter Series of mouth calls, this call delivers unique high and low tones on your calls that the wisest gobbler won't be able to resist. The precision handmade crew cut reed helps you crank out cuts that are easier than glass with deadly effective rasp. Features premium gauge reeds and is easy to use.

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