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Outdoorsman Hank Parker Has Learned That Camouflage Includes Sitting Still and Being Quiet


Editor’s Note: Hank Parker is the host of three television shows, “Hank Parker 3D” on the Pursuit Channel, “Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood” on the Outdoor Channel and the “Hank Parker Outdoor Magazine” fishing show on the Pursuit Channel and NBC Sports Network. Parker won the Bassmaster Classic in 1979 and 1989 and is an avid outdoorsman.

I’m often asked which Mossy Oak patterns I wear most. When I’m turkey hunting, I wear Mossy Oak Obsession. Too, I still wear Mossy Oak’s original Bottomland pattern, especially if I’m hunting in the woods in the fall, when brown and black are dominant colors. I started wearing Mossy Oak Bottomland when I first saw it. Since then, I’ve also become a big fan of Mossy Oak Break-Up, since it fits any terrain in any part of the country. Today, Mossy Oak has Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, which I also believe is an awesome pattern. Mossy Oak has several-different patterns that can cause a hunter to become invisible, if he’ll just sit still.

Parker2_llBeing still in the woods is one element we fail to emphasize enough I think when we talk about how to prevent animals from seeing us. Regardless of the camo pattern you wear, if you’re moving around when the game is looking at you, that game will spook. So, when we talk about camouflage, let’s always remember that being motionless in the woods is an absolute necessity. Most Mossy Oak hunters are very social, like I am. I like to hunt with my family and friends, and I like to help them find and take game. Since I’m either running the video camera or in front of it for my shows, I rarely hunt alone. As well as sitting still, being extremely quiet when you’re hunting, even if you’re hunting with others, is very important. You shouldn’t talk to each other unless it’s absolutely necessary. Then, only whisper, and don’t turn your head toward the person to whom you’re speaking. Sitting still and being quiet are two of the absolute necessities for staying camouflaged that we often fail to consider.

Mossy Oak is more than a camouflage pattern we wear to hunt. The men and women who wear Mossy Oak belong to an exclusive family that defines each individual and for what they stand. Many people who wear Mossy Oak choose various patterns for different reasons. For instance, some people prefer Duck Blind for hunting waterfowl. They’re in the Mossy Oak family. People who use Break-Up Infinity may be turkey hunters, but that pattern still includes them in the Mossy Oak family. Regardless of the pattern you pick or the Mossy Oak gear you purchase, you’re telling the world you’re part of the Mossy Oak family and the Mossy Oak lifestyle and that you believe in hunting, conservation, wildlife, land management and all that’s wild in this world where we live – the foundations of Mossy Oak.

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