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Rod Magrew’s Timberland Buck


Editor’s Note: When we asked Rod Magrew of St. Charles, Missouri how long he’d been wearing Mossy Oak camouflage, he smiled and said, “Too-many years to admit.” Rod is Mossy Oak ProStaff member Mike Magrew’s father and teacher. This father-and-son team really enjoys hunting.

Several years ago, I was hunting in a wooded timber spot jutting into croplands. I had told my son Mike where I wanted him to hang my treestand, because he was nice to me back then, didn’t pick on me and actually did what I asked (grin). I didn’t have any luck bowhunting from that stand during the entire bow season, but on opening morning of gun season, I was looking out through the timber and saw a 10-point buck walking down the timber’s edge. The buck probably would score around 120 on Boone & Crockett. I was hunting with my Howa 7mm magnum, a Leupold VX-2 scope and Hornady shells. I picked-out a hole in the timber to shoot through and just let the buck keep coming. Daylight hadn’t fully broken. When I fired, the buck ran about 20 yards. My first shot hit the buck right in the center of his lungs. The second was a heart shot, and the buck went down instantly. 

Magrew5_llOne of the reasons Mike and I like Mossy Oak is because the company has a wide variety of patterns, so you can hunt successfully and remain hidden anywhere in the country. They have a camo pattern to fit any terrain and any foliage. I like the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern for hunting whitetails and the Brush pattern for hunting elk in Colorado. But I’ve tried almost every pattern Mossy Oak has made, since the company first brought out Bottomland. Mike and I both were baptized into Mossy Oak when the company was first being formed, and we’ve never found better camo patterns for hunting. We’re part of the Mossy Oak family, because we believe in the Mossy Oak patterns and the Mossy Oak mission. We’ve never seen a reason to try any other brand. Every time Mossy Oak comes out with a new pattern, we test it and discover it gives us advantages we haven’t had with the previous patterns. I guess you could say we’ve been dipped in Mossy Oak. 

Day 4: Rod Magrew Wears Break-Up Infinity to Take the Paige Buck

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