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NEW BioLogic Attractants for 2014

Mossy Oak BioLogic and Big Game International Announce New Brand Partnership


MCDONOUGH, GA - Mossy Oak BioLogic® and Big Game International have teamed up to expand a leading line-up of deer attractants under the BioRock and the new Whitetail Addiction brands. Based on the meticulous scientific research efforts performed by the BioLogic team and leveraging the expansive manufacturing and sales capabilities of Big Game International, the new products provide improvements in the performance, portability, and health effects of deer attractants, and will help achieve the best hunting results in the upcoming season.

Bobby Cole, president of Mossy Oak BioLogic, said, "We are very excited to partner with Big Game International. Our Mossy Oak BioLogic Brand has been trusted for years by hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. This expansion of BioRock and the addition of the Whitetail Addiction products will provide hunters with a line-up of attractants that they can count on to work."

Doug Jenner, Vice President of Product Marketing for Big Game International, added, "We are so fortunate to be partnered with Mossy Oak in the attractant business. We have a long-term relationship with Mossy Oak and the BioRock and Whitetail Addiction brand will strengthen our Mossy Oak line up of products, which also includes Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories and Mossy Oak Whistling Wings Waterfowl Accessories."

NEW Mossy Oak BioLogic® products for 2014:

The Mossy Oak BioLogic® BioRock made of 100% natural Himalayan rock salt has been overwhelmingly received by hunters from across the country, as well as the deer population. Always 100% natural, BioRock products contain over 80 minerals, including those that promote antler growth and deer health. Himalayan rock salt, known to salt connoisseurs around the world as the purest and most healthful of all naturally occurring salts, is the base product upon which BioLogic products are built. The result is a healthier deer population. The slow dissolving feature of all the BioRock Himalayan products keeps deer coming back again and again.

Mossy Oak BioLogic BioRock Block

The new BioRock Block is a 100% solid, 5 lb. rock of Himalayan salt that is the slowest dissolving BioRock product on the market. Packaged to show the striking pink and white striations, the BioRock Block makes for an eye catching product on retailer shelves, just as it does in the field for deer.

Nuggets_llMossy Oak BioLogic Nuggets

For hunters looking to "spread" the enticing BioRock Himalayan salt over a larger area, there are now BioRock Nuggets, made from 100% solid, not compressed, Himalayan salt. The nuggets are broken down into a convenient size for spreading over a wider area.

Mossy Oak Whitetail Addiction NEW Mossy Oak Whitetail Addiction products for 2014:

The new Whitetail Addiction series of deer attractants combines the best of BioRock ingredients with other natural "deer-loving" ingredients and unique packaging that will please retailers and hunters alike.

Whitetail Addiction Whitetail Attractants are smartly packaged to allow hunters the ease of using the product while out in the field. White Addiction Powder Infused with BioRock Himalayan salt and other natural ingredients, Whitetail Addiction attractants come in three value-added packages: Whitetail Addiction Powder in an easy-pour bag with handle, Whitetail Addiction no-mix liquid in a one-gallon, easy-pour bag, and as a convenient five-pack of compressed Whitetail Addiction Poppers for creating a larger lick site.

Poppers_llWhitetail Addiction Poppers

Deer are also very partial to tasty chestnuts, based upon research from the BioLogic research team, so Whitetail Addiction introduces "Chestnut Magic," an attractant with real Dunstan chestnuts and a blend of grains with two-times the protein and four-times the carbohydrates of acorns, plus a sweeter taste that deer love!Whitetail Addiction Chestnut Magic

Whitetail Addiction Deer DustThe Whitetail Addiction Deer Dust wind checker/cover scent comes in the most innovative answer to hunters' demands for a compact, portable package of a wind checker and a scent. Whitetail Addiction Deer Dust is a two-in-one, wind checker AND cover scent. Conveniently packaged in a 4 ounce refill pouch with a 1.5 ounce portable bottle on a handy carabiner, the new deer dust comes in three deer enticing scents: wild berry, white oak acorn and chestnut magic.

About Mossy Oak BioLogic®:

Mossy Oak® brand founder, Toxey Haas started BioLogic from his passion for wildlife and improving hunting properties. The company is fifteen years old and is considered the leading brand and authority on wildlife management. 

About Big Game International™:

Big Game International (BGI) is a leader in the sporting goods industry providing retailers and customers with exceptional brands and product development since 1923. BGI has six different divisions: hunting, camping, fishing, marine, fitness & athletics and sports licensing, all featuring popular branded products. BGI is committed to providing outdoor enthusiasts with affordable innovative product technologies while promoting family values, conservation and community.

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