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YSSA Announces 2014 Grant Program

YSSAThe Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) is conducting its seventh National Youth Shooting Sports Program Needs Assessment this fall to identify youth shooting sports programs that are being limited in growth by their need for additional equipment and supplies. Youth program leaders are welcomed and encouraged to submit an application for YSSA support by October 11, 2013. The screen-fillable application is featured on YSSA's website under "YSSA Outreach." 

The shooting sports industry receives numerous requests annually from youth and social organizations seeking financial and product support. As a service to the shooting sports industry, the YSSA provides guidance as to which of these programs should be considered as priority in having the greatest return on investment measured by projected program growth and participation. 

A panel of select members of the shooting sports industry will review proposals submitted in response to this assessment and select the priority programs that best contribute to the future market goals of the industry. The proposals will be judged in the following categories:

  1. Current and projected participation level
  2. Diversity of shooting disciplines accommodated
  3. Uniqueness of program
  4. Probability of obtaining equipment needed to fulfill the request
  5. Efficiency of use of donated product
  6. Visibility and public relations value

The priority proposals identified by this panel will be announced in early November, 2013.

The YSSA has provided product support for 259 priority youth shooting sports programs to date and has distributed over $850,000 worth of equipment and supplies to address limitations to growth of these programs.

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