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BioLogic's Addiction HAZE Aerosol Attractants with Deer Urine



HAZE Aerosol Deer Attractant comes in compact, easy-to-carry cans in three different deer urine formulas for use in a variety of ways to bag the big bucks.

Mossy Oak BioLogic, an industry leader in science based deer herd management, is introducing an all new deer attractant in their already popular line of Addiction products, the HAZE Aerosol Deer Attractant. The highly portable, 4-ounce aerosol delivers buck urine, doe urine or doe in heat scent particles that attach to vegetation and travel through the air to attract deer from a distance while covering human scent.

Deer communicate through scent, and Addiction HAZE aerosols disperse more deer urine over a greater area, enticing more deer into a hunting area through stimulation of their scent receptors. Addiction HAZE Buck Urine draws in the big bucks looking to prove dominance; it's particularly effective during pre-rut or all season to create or refresh scrape sites. During the rut, Addiction HAZE Doe in Heat draws the bucks with the scent of a doe in estrus. Post rut is the time for Addiction HAZE Doe Urine, since it attracts bucks even after the rut, but it also works all season as a cover scent that calms the herd. Use one HAZE aerosol in combination with another for an even more effective lure such as using the doe urine as a cover scent and herd calmer while using the buck urine on the scrape sites.

"We developed three powerful, far reaching attractant products; Buck Urine, Doe-In-Heat, and Doe Urine for easy, all-season use," commented Max Hooker, BGI Hunting Product Manager and life-long deer hunter. Haze can be found at large retail chains including Walmart and

Big bucks and prize antlers all start with proper herd and land management. Mossy Oak BioLogic has been leading the charge by developing products based on years of research and the latest scientific technologies in soil, plant and herd management that keep wildlife healthy. By offering a variety of proven grasses, oats, fertilizers, micronutrients in combination with their 100% natural Himalayan BioRock salt products, deer herd health increases, resulting in bigger bucks with trophy racks. Heading into whitetail hunting season, use of Mossy Oak BioLogic Addiction products such as Poppers, Powders and Chestnut Magic, as well as the Addiction Intensifier Spray that kick starts the use of other BioLogic products will enhance many a hunter's outdoor experience while increasing the chances of a memorable harvest.

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