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2014 Ozonics Featuring Treestand

Provided By: Brian Stephens | Ultimate Bowhunting TV

In some states, bowhunters will be climbing tree stands or stepping into blinds in the next 4-5 weeks.  If you are like me, you are starting to wrap your head around how you will do things differently this year.  This will include new strategies, tactics, and gear that may help give you that extra edge. 

When we go on many of our hunts or even when I am hunting with my boys close to home, we have limited time in the woods.  I am of the belief that you put as many things in your favor as you can to help you make the most of your time.  Last year, I started to use the Ozonics Scent Control System and seemed to have some positive results with deer not busting me down wind. This year Ozonics has made some enhancements to their system that I am excited about.

This year Ozonics has incorporated Mossy Oak’s Treestand pattern on the Ozonics Zone Generator.  This will help to further conceal the device in the tree stand and help in ground blinds.  Like many of you, I do all of the prep work of trying to control my scent prior to each hunt such as: showering before I hunt, how I store my clothing, getting dressed in the field, and spraying down.  Listen, these steps do work but the one factor that I cannot control is the wind.  While I do hunt the wind, it can often change.  Then I have a decision to make and that is to either gamble by staying in the tree with the chance of getting busted or get down and leave my stand. 

So, how does Ozonics factor into this?  Ozonics is one of those tools that truly helps to control your scent zone and keep you in the tree based on the way it works. Additionally, Ozonics has made some improvements to its system including a quick-release EZ Mount, Extension Arm and Carry Bag.  What I really like about the EZ Mount is it eliminates the issues of trying to quietly hang the Ozonics in the tree.  In the past it was a bit noisy trying to hang and set up.  The EZ Mount simply mounts to the Ozonics allowing you to easily attach and detach it.  The Extension Arm is also a nice addition to the 2014 system, allowing you to have greater range in how you position the Ozonics.  Finally, the Carry Bag is really nice because you can quickly pack up your Ozonics and Accessories in the bag and go.  This helps to minimize noise and helps to keep your system organized in one place.

What does Ozonics do to help control your Human Scent? Ozonics produces ozone and projects it downwind with a silent fan where the ozone bonds with human scent molecules, rendering them indistinguishable to the nose of the deer. Technically, Ozonics employs the "Corona Discharge" method to create this ozone. Essentially, an electric charge is passed from the re-chargeable battery in the Ozonics unit to an air cell (coil). As air passes over the cell, some of (O2) in the air is fractured by the electricity to create ozone (O3). The fan propels this ozone downwind where it cleanses the hunter’s scent zone. 

Ozonics transforms oxygen molecules into ozone molecules and, with a silent fan, projects them downwind out over your scent zone where these unstable molecules bond with your scent molecules, rendering them unrecognizable to deer and other scent-savvy game. So, when the wind changes and deer are now down wind you have the confidence you are much less likely to get busted.

Ozonics is the first and only in-the-field ozone machine. It blankets your scent zone with scent-destroying ozone. Unlike any other scent-control products, Ozonics continuously deals with the scent in the area between you and the deer, cleansing this scent zone so deer won’t smell you. Ozonics is the only tool that deals with your scent zone or direction.

Use Ozonics in your tree stand or bowhunting ground blind.There are two models of the Ozonics Scent Eliminator Products. You can use one for ground blinds and another for tree stands. All you do is mount Ozonics above you in your tree or in the window of your ground blind and face it downwind. Ozonics electronically changes oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3) and projects them downwind with a quiet fan. The heavier ozone molecules fall through your scent zone. Because ozone molecules are extremely unstable, they bond with any molecule they come near (scent molecules) rendering them indistinguishable to the nose of the deer. The bottom line: no matter how much human scent you emit, deer will not smell you!

Ozonics features:

  • Mounts above you in tree or to roof brace on ground blind (mounts included)
  • Silent-touch switches for quiet operation
  • On-demand battery level indicator features 4 LEDs for easy monitoring
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery (gives you 5 hours run time; 4 hours in boost mode) and charger included

Ozonics will completely change the way you hunt. Wind directions are less of a factor when deciding what stand location to hunt. With Ozonics, you'll now be able to hunt a favorite spot on any given day, not just when the wind is blowing in the right direction. Now you can choose the tree or site that offers the best cover or the best shot angle and let Ozonics take care of your scent, regardless of wind direction.  To learn more about Ozonics in Mossy Oak Treestand, visit

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