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Lavish Aprons Offers Fashionable Mossy Oak Aprons For Women

Lavish1_llMossy Oak is happy to partner with Lavish Aprons to offer camouflage aprons that appeal to women. Featuring Mossy Oak Break-Up and pink accents, ruffles and even bling, these aprons make great gifts.

The body of the apron is made with 7-ounce twill Break-Up fabric and the ruffles are made of 100% high-quality cotton. All seams are turned and finished. The aprons are available in three styles, all made in the USA. Each style has extra long waist ties and inset pockets with removable satin bow with rhinestones.

The Classy apron has inset pockets, neck and waist ties, and a bow in hot pink. Girly Girl features inset pockets, neck and waist ties, 5-inch ruffle and bow in light pink. Sweet Amy has pockets, neck and waist ties, three alternating ruffles and bow in hot pink.

“Lavish Aprons started when I made aprons for Christmas presents,” said Judy Dalton of Lavish Aprons. “I’m very excited to see the company grow from one simple gift. Women love them, but the amazing part is that so many men buy them! I’m excited to have Mossy Oak behind me.”

Lavish Aprons are available online at and the Mossy Oak Online Store will soon be available at Mossy Oak retail locations with more stores to follow.

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