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New Mossy Oak Silicone Wedding Bands from Groove Rings

Silicone Rings in Mossy OakGroove Ring, the world’s first breathable silicone active ring for work and play, is excited to announce its exclusive line of new Mossy Oak rings for hunters, anglers, and outdoors men and women alike.

Wearing traditional wedding bands is risky when you have an active lifestyle. Groove Rings provide a high-quality alternative for hunters who don’t want to worry about losing their ring on the range, injuring their finger, or not being able to wear one altogether.

Groove Rings feature one-of-a-kind inner grooves and a functional, breathable band that provides comfort to the wearer even in the most active situations. The materials flex and break under enough pressure, keeping the hand safe from catching or rubbing. Groove was founded by Peter Goodwin, an Alaskan Big Game Guide and Bush Pilot, after he couldn’t find a functional silicone ring that was comfortable and stood up to the demands of an adventurous lifestyle. 

“Groove Ring’s roots extend deeply into the hunting community, which made our partnership with Mossy Oak a perfect fit,” said Goodwin.

Hunters and other active men and women can relax comfortably into their environment without the chance of tears, scratches, or other damage or loss to traditional rings or their fingers. The new Mossy Oak silicone rings come in two patterns: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country® and original Mossy Oak Bottomland® camo. Click here to take a look at these awesome designs. 

Perfect for active people who want to represent commitment without damage, injury, or loss, Groove Rings are the perfect gift for the passionate hunter this holiday season! The rings go for $34.95 each and are available at Cabela’s stores nationwide and the Cabela's website.

Groove Ventures, LLC is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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