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Hunting Wedding Rings: 5 Reasons To Switch To Silicone Rings

Dr. Brooks Tiller

Metal rings can be unsafe, loud and uncomfortable while hunting.

silicone ring bowhunting

When hunting, wedding rings can be a hindrance for many reasons.

When we leave the predictability of society and head out into the wilderness, we never know what will be around the next bend. And that is one of the reasons that we venture out into the wild. While some things may work great in our daily life, the wilderness is a whole other story.

The wilderness by its very nature is wild. It is unpredictable and can be dangerous if we are not prepared. I have adopted many things to help me face anything that the wilderness may hold with confidence. This includes swapping my golden band for a Groove silicone ring. I refer to it as my "hunting wedding ring" but in all actuality, I now wear it more than my metal band. While there are many reasons for switching to a silicone ring, here are 5 reasons to wear a Groove ring while hunting.

Keep All Your Digits

We hear of people suffering injuries and even losing a finger because their ring got caught. Often on machinery, but there are countless things in the woods that can catch your ring and cause an injury. But your Groove silicone ring will stretch when caught. If you get in a bad bind, the silicone will break before pulling your finger off.

In the woods, we can get into some hairy situations. Miles from civilization is a bad place to suffer an injury. From building a stand to cleaning a deer there are more hazards than OSHA would ever allow at your worksite. We accept the risk that comes with being in the wild but at the same time, let's use our noggin for more than a hat rack.

Hypoallergenic To Keep You Healthy

Hunting wedding rings Groove Life

You get your hands into some pretty nasty stuff. With traditional rings, it could stick around and make a home under your ring which could lead to a nasty rash. Groove rings have two major benefits to eliminate this risk. The material they are made of and their unique design.

Being made of silicone ensures that nothing will stick to it. No matter what you stick your hand in, it won't stick to your Groove ring. But if it does get caked in mud or guts, a simple and quick wash will give you the confidence that it is clean and good as new. Under traditional rings fingers can get clammy. Groove rings by design are breathable and prevent the buildup of moisture.
Silent Like A Ninja

You have snuck into the woods like a ninja. The deer have no idea you are climbing into the stand until you clang your ring against the ladder of the stand. Nothing like the clanging of metal against metal to wake up and scare all the deer off. You could drop your Groove ring and let it hit every rung on the way down, and it wouldn't make a sound.
Silicone is great at dampening sound and used in soundproofing. In the woods, silence truly is golden. So leave the metal at home and put on your Groove hunting wedding ring to keep your ninja status and improve your chances in the woods.

Not Shiny Yet Stylish

A big buck is standing broadside at 15 yards. As you draw, the buck looks right at you. No reason why he might have seen you. You are scent-free and covered in camo from head to toe. All except the gold band on your finger.

Being flashy and showing off some bling has its place, but when being stealthy in the woods, it is a terrible idea. We want to camouflage and get as close to wildlife as possible. We make sure that we are scent-free and blend in with nature. But if your ring is glistening, you might as well be wearing a neon sign. Groove rings are not shiny, plus you can get one that is camouflage. It blends in and makes a better conversation piece than any flashy bling.

Leave Your Valuables At Home

Hunting Wedding band waterfowl

Cold makes things contract. When we are out in the elements our skin gets tighter and our wedding ring is more likely to fall off. And when our hands are cold our sensation decreases. So, we may not realize our ring has fallen off until we are back at camp rubbing our hands together next to the fire. Unless your ring has a GPS on it, finding that little circle of gold is tougher than finding a needle in a haystack.

We have our bow, gun, rangefinder, binoculars, and all kinds of gear in our packs when we head to the woods. None of it is cheap. There is no reason to risk losing your ring while out there.

And even greater than the monetary value of a gold band is the memory value that your ring holds. I treasure the ring that my wife put on my finger on our wedding day. I hold the words engraved inside the band and the memory of that day dear. That gold band stays at home where it is safe.
I have swapped out my gold band for a Groove ring for all these reasons and more. It is comfortable and I do not worry about messing it up. No matter how nasty of a situation I get into I know that the dirt will come off. A camouflage ring, even when in my Sunday best, is an example of the commitment I have to my wife while sharing my obsession with the outdoors. At home, work, the gym, or out in the wilderness, I proudly wear my Groove ring with confidence.

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