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Silicone Wedding Rings: Why Every Outdoorsman Should Have One

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The definition of pride is explained as “a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.” If there was a picture in the dictionary to go along with this definition, it would have to be of a hunter or fisherman. Being an outdoorsman is not only about harvesting an animal or catching a fish.  To most, it is a lifestyle. When one finds something that they have a deep pleasure for or something that is widely admired, it is no wonder that they want to share this pride with the whole world.

The way we show our love for the outdoors is through the way in which we live. Small details that go into our everyday lives such as decorating our homes with mounts, shed antlers, and wildlife art is one way that we express our admiration and bring the outdoors inside so that we can experience it at all times. This same passion is also displayed in what we drive, such as a big truck with mud tires, adorning decals on the back glass that feature big bucks or a bass jumping out of the water. All of this screams I love the outdoors.

IfMossy Oak Silicone Wedding Ring decorating our possessions isn’t enough, another way that we show our pride is in the way that we dress. It is not uncommon to see outdoor enthusiast wearing t-shirts and hats that advertise their favorite hunting and fishing companies' logos, this also lets anyone coming in contact with that person know that “yes, I am an outdoorsman.”

Thanks to the company Groove Rings, outdoorsmen can now accessorize with jewelry that is not only designed to be functional, but it is also another way to display the love of the outdoors.

Besides being another way to show pride and love as an outdoorsman, there are other reasons that every hunter and fisherman needs to have a Groove Ring.

Silicone Wedding Ring Benefits

For thousands of years, men and women’s rings have been made from metal. However, in recent years, the jewelry market has gained interest from those who are looking for comfort and flexibility over formality. Lately, rings have been developed from wood, bone, old coins, and cloth, yet the one material gaining the most popularity is silicone. Specifically, silicone rings from Groove Rings. Not only is it a ring that can be worn as a wedding ring for men or women, it is also modern enough to wear as an everyday ring or as my wife calls it, “a right-hand ring."

There are several reasons why men and women alike are switching to a silicone ring. Golfers benefit from them by not having their grip affected by the bulkiness of a metal ring.  Boaters and anglers no longer carry the risk of losing their metal wedding ring from their hands getting wet.  Exercise enthusiasts will benefit from not having to remove their ring to lift any weights or grabbing any type of exercise equipment.Best Silicone Ring

When I first began looking into these unique rings, I discovered that the NEW Groove Rings feature Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, and Bottomland camouflage as well as the all-new Mossy Oak Elements Agua pattern in the colors of Spindrift and Manta. Beyond outdoors themes, there are a wide variety of women’s silicone rings and men’s silicone rings.  These rings feature a cutting-edge breathable design made from a high-performance elastomer blend that allows air in and moisture out and will never stretch.  They also feature an inverse “comfort fit” arch that lessens skin contact, ensures more safety and zero chafing, making them a perfect ring for the hunter, fisherman, athletes, adventure seekers and many more.

The features of silicone wedding rings that will stretch and ensure safetySilicone Wedding Ring for Outdoorsmen is what got my attention the most. Recently, I came across some graphic photos and read a brief story of a man who was 20 feet in a tree stand when he attempted to climb down the ladder and slipped, yet instead of falling straight down, he was caught by his wedding ring on his hand. Once he slipped, the ring somehow got hung on a part of the tree stand. Before he finally made it down safely, his finger was nearly ripped off. The ring literally ripped the skin from the bone as gravity pulled the man down. The pictures of this tragic event were hard to look at. After reading what happened to this man, I began researching other incidents that have happened to hunters and fishermen. The list of accidents that have happened involving tree stands, boat motors, and ATVs while trying to enjoy the outdoors was surprisingly long. 150,000 people a year have ring-related injuries resulting in badly mutilated fingers or even loss of fingers. To me, this is an alarming number.

Best Silicone Wedding Ring

Silicone rings are stretchable and downright safe. Most outdoorsmen do not want to leave their wedding rings at home, I’m sure our spouses wouldn’t want that either. This is where the GROOVE camo silicone rings have become popular. Wearing a ring that will simply stretch and release preventing any type of injury is a great idea. The silicone ring is not just comfortable, it’s safe in every way. Silicone is found in many consumer products, from baby bottle nipples to medical supplies to spatulas, silicone is everywhere. We use it daily but most do not understand all of its benefits.  Below is a short list of some of the major benefits of silicone: 

  • Heat Resistant - 500 degrees before it melts
  • Hypoallergenic - Will not absorb germs or bacteria
  • Stretchable - Flexes under pressure which saves fingers from damage
  • Non-Conductive - No chance of electrocution
  • Cost effective - 1/10th of the price of normal metal bands.

After reading and understanding the true benefits of wearing a silicone ring, it was a no-brainer that I should start thinking about wearing one myself when enjoying the outdoors. The major reason being that it will keep me safe when being active while hunting or fishing. It also looks cool when I wear my favorite Mossy Oak camo or one of the Elements patterns and is another way to show everyone my passion for the outdoors. As I have become more familiar with Groove Rings, I catch myself looking to see who is wearing them. I have also noticed that they are becoming more popular with celebrities such as NFL quarterback Phillip Rivers, Olympian Sara Haskins, and even American Ninja Warrior Lance Pekus. All of these people are using them because they are functional and stylish.

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