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Dakota Solutions Outdoors Introduces Mossy Oak Game Xtractor

Mossy Oak Game Xtractor

Dakota Solutions Outdoors is proud to introduce the all-new Mossy Oak GameXtractor. This purposeful big-game tool designed to simplify the job hunters face immediately following a successful hunt: dragging a deer or elk. The GameXtractor is immediately available online.

You’ve heard the saying, “All the fun in big game hunting ends the second that big game animal hits the ground.” Meaning, now the truly hard, physical work begins! Now, the hunter has to lift and wrestle with what could easily be several hundred pounds or more of a deer or an elk.
Mossy Oak Game XtractorKeep the hunt fun. Save your back and your trophy rack with the Mossy Oak GameXtractor. The GameXtractor is one of the easiest methods to transport your game from the field and back to your hunting camp.

Made of tough, light-weight aluminum, the Mossy Oak GameXtractor is easily assembled, and then is inserted into a 1.25" receiver (adaptable up to 2") of an ATV, UTV or other all-terrain sports vehicles.

Once the Mossy Oak GameXtractor is locked into place, you simply lift the animal’s head up and over the V notch of the unit. The weight of the animal automatically wedges your buck securely into the unit. Now, all you do is maneuver your sports utility vehicle to your destination, pulling your trophy behind.

The Mossy Oak GameXtractor holds the animal’s head and rack off the ground, so you don’t have to worry about antlers or points breaking off from your hard-earned trophy! Your trophy is intact and so are your back, shoulders, and arms, because the GameXtractor eliminates most of the lifting and pulling involved in transporting your trophy from the field. The GameXtractor even collapses to easily fit into a backpack or a compartment of your sports utility vehicle.

Save your back, your trophy rack, and hours in the field you’d otherwise spend lifting, dragging and sweating with the Mossy Oak GameXtractor.

MSRP $89.99. The Mossy Oak GameXtractor can be purchased online at

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