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Mossy Oak's Top 10 Articles of 2018

Mossy Oak's top ten articles of 2018

Here are Mossy Oak's top 10 articles from 2018. Learn about deer movement, how to prevent snake bites, get the best new hunting gear and tips for land management. 

10. Keep Your Property Free of Trespassers

When you catch someone on your property during hunting season who isn’t supposed to be there, what do they always tell you? “I’m tracking a wounded deer.” They say this because in most states it is legal to follow a wounded animal across a property border to try and recover it. The problem is that habitual trespassers have learned this defense and use it for an excuse to go wherever they please.  

no trespassing

9. 10 Things You May Not Know About Whitetails

White-tailed deer are fascinating creatures and hunters go to great lengths to learn as much as they can about them. Because the more knowledgeable you are about your quarry, the more successful you are at reducing them to possession.

8. Hunting Tips: Achieving Perfect Tree Stand Placement

Is it possible to have a permanent stand that can be hunted more than a few times a season without impacting deer movement too much? After a few decades of doing the “deer-stand shuffle” while I was evolving into a wiser hunter, I have learned that “yes,” this is entirely possible. However, there are several areas of consideration in the pursuit of a perfect permanent deer stand that must be addressed before this can be achieved. 

7. Understanding Deer Vocalizations for Deer Calling

The most common sound for a buck is the social grunt. This is a call that bucks will make by grunting. It is nothing loud or exciting, instead it is a sound that is used to communicate with other deer. As for the doe, the bleat is the preferred social call. It, too, is used as a communication call to other deer, especially fawns.

6. Preventing Snake Bites


Of all the dangers we face in the outdoors, there are few that instill more pure dread and abject fear than the limbless serpents. Fortunately, the odds of encountering one are as slim as the reptiles themselves, and the chances of being bitten are slimmer still. However, it’s always a good idea to hedge your bets by becoming more familiar with snakes, learning how to avoid them and what to do should the unthinkable happen.

5. DIY Bale Blind

I have seen a great variety in the design of bale blinds. It all comes down to your budget, construction skills, how long you need it to last and materials that you have available to you.  I will go over a very basic design that is economical to build, requires marginal construction skills, should last 3-4 years in the field and is built from readily available materials.  All materials are available at home improvement stores except for the straw blanket and bale wrap. I’ll then show you some pictures of more elaborate designs. My advice is start out with one basic blind and go from there.

4. Best New Turkey Hunting Gear

turkey gear

There's a reason we call our turkey hunting camo pattern OBSESSION. Because we're obsessed with turkey hunting and the new turkey hunting gear for 2018. Starting with the NWTF Convention, we set out to find cool, new turkey hunting products to better your spring gobbler hunt. As the season progresses, we'll add even more new turkey hunting gear.

3. 20 Years of Research on Deer Movement

Twenty years of research, including 35,000 hunter days and statistics from the National Weather Service about the weather conditions on both morning and afternoon hunts, brings us all startling new information about when deer move.

2. The Effect Moon Phase Has on Hunting Deer

Before diving in to the effect moon phase has on deer movement, it's important to look at when deer move in general. A deer's mission is to go out and find food quickly. Deer go out for food twice a day, typically, so you know a deer will get up to move around their feeding schedule.

1. Best New Hunting Gear 2018

hunting gear

We've scouted tons of hunting and outdoor gear products released in 2018 to bring you a comprehensive list of the best equipment, camo apparel and hunting supplies we could find at the outdoor industry's most popular trade shows. We will be updating this page during the ATA and SHOT Shows as well as throughout the year, so check back for updates on new hunting products and accessories for 2018.

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