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Best New Hunting Gear 2018

ATA 2018 Mossy Oak

What is the best new hunting gear of 2018?

We've scouted tons of hunting and outdoor gear products released in 2018 to bring you a comprehensive list of the best equipment, camo apparel and hunting supplies we could find at the outdoor industry's ATA Show. We will be updating this page during the ATA and SHOT Shows, so check back for updates on new hunting gear for 2018.


Irish Setter


Irish Setter Women's snake boot

This lightweight, waterproof snake boot from Irish Setter was designed specifically for the female hunter. The Irish Setter VaprTrek women's hunting boot features RPM technology making it lightweight and comfortable. It features quick-draw laces for easy on and off. The SnakeGuard construction features a non-woven material that is combined with leather or nylon to impede fangs, thorns and brush from penetrating the boot.

MSPR: $214.99

Available February 18 on the Irish Setter website.

Available pattern: Obsession


Irish Setter Rutmaster 2.0 lite mossy oak

The Rutmaster 2.0 Lite features Irish Setter's breakthrough RPM technology that gives the boot a lighter feel. It has a 7mm neoprene upper, is easy to get on and off, has a stable and grippy bottom and includes ScentBan scent control. This boot is great for both deer and turkey hunting.

MSRP: $149.99

Available now on

Available pattern: Break-Up Country


Obsession Bows


Obsession Bows Fixation

An all-new riser design for 2018 is the first thing to be noticed on all four (6M, 6 XP, 7M7XP) FIXATION models. The XP riser design reduces bow flex during the draw cycle, enabling absolute accuracy, while the Obsession XP (only on FIXATION “XP” models) generates awesome acceleration. Beyond that, the FIXATION series offers different cam options. The “6” and “7” in each of the names represent a six- and seven-inch brace height, respectively.

MSRP: All FIXATION models in Mossy Oak patterns are $999

Available NOW at a local Obsession Bows dealer.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country, Mountain Country and original Bottomland


Allen Company


Allen Company Bruiser Pack

The Bruiser Whitetail Daypack from Allen is a 2350 cu. in. backpack designed specifically for whitetail hunters. This very spacious comfortable pack is well-designed. From a very handy built-in, fold-down workstation, to a wide variety of other pockets ranging from large to small, there is a spot for any item deer hunters would find themselves needing on a day’s hunt.

MSRP: $117.99

Available NOW at

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country


TenPoint Crossbow Technologies


TenPoint Crossbows Shadow NXT

This crossbow measures 6.5-inches wide when loaded and measures at speeds of up 380 feet-per-second. The package includes a TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 Scope, one of four available cocking devices (prices vary), 3-Arrow Instant-Detach Quiver and three TenPoint Pro Elite carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points.

Available NOW at a local TenPoint dealer.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country




The Realm features a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-tune Overdrive Binary cam system. In addition, Powershift Technology allows archers to customize the draw cycle to fit their needs – with the simple flip of a disc. The modular Clutch Performance Grip gives archers additional customization with expanded colors and styles, while providing anti-torque and comfort. The Realm X has similar features to The Realm, but measures 2.5 inches longer axle to axle.

MSRP: $999.99

Available NOW at a local BowTech dealer.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country


HEYBO Outdoors


Heybo Cabin Fleece Bottomland

HEYBO’s Cabin Heathered Quarter-Zip Fleece is made of 100% polyester lined with fleece on the inside giving you mid-weight warmth on those cool days outdoors. The stretch fabric allows you to move comfortably in the field, a deer stand, or on a boat.

MSRP: $65.99

Available NOW at

Available pattern: Bottomland




The Sherpa-lined Timbers Vest is designed to keep you warm and dry.  The Timbers Vest is made with open country technology, making it 100% waterproof and windproof. With its high placement, handy warming pockets and magnetic call pocket, this vest is strategically designed.

MSRP: $99.99

Available NOW at

Available pattern: Bottomland


Garmin Xero

Garmin xero

Garmin Xero A1 and A1i, two auto-ranging digital laser bow sights that automatically measure the distance to a target and provide a precise, virtual lighted pin for the shot.  A silent, single-button trigger mounted on the bow’s grip lets the archer range targets at rest or at full draw, virtually eliminating distance estimation and hunter movement. The laser range finder instantly provides the precise angle-compensated distance – up to 100 yards on game or 300 yards on reflective targets. The Xero then projects a precise, virtual LED pin that is only visible to the archer, and without the clutter of multiple physical pins.

MSRP:  Xero A1 - $799.99   Xero A1i - $999.99

Available March 1, 2018 at



Elite Archery


Elite ritual bow

Our Mossy Oak team test-shot this bow and was impressed, to say the least.  ELITE continues to carry their message of engineering their bows to offer incredible “shootability.” The RITUAL offers exactly that. With an axle-to-axle length of 33 ¼”, adjustable draw modules, and 75-90% let-off. This bow is definitely an exciting offering from ELITE.  

Available Patterns: Break-Up Country and Mountain Country

Prices are subject to specific ELITE dealers.

Preorder now for late January HERE.




Elite enlist bow

Drawing form some of the most popular bows in ELITE history, ENLIST delivers the famed form, fit, function, and feel ELITE is known for.  Elite's Enlist Bow has smooth draw cycles, and comfort blended with performance.

Prices are subject to specific ELITE dealers.

Order now HERE.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country


Covert Trail Cameras


covert trail camera black maverick

Taking the best pictures (12 megapixel) and video (1080P HD) of any camera in Covert’s lineup, the Covert Black Maverick is a powerful performer in the trail camera market. The audio has been significantly improved from their 2017 model offer in this category.

MSRP: $159.99  Available HERE.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country


covert trail camera code black lte

The Code Black LTE wireless trail camera features the latest LTE technology, which will improve battery life and wireless speed functions. Through AT&T’s approved cellular network, the Code Black LTE continues with the ability to instantly send texts, emails or both and receive high-resolution images through the Covert mobile app and web portal. 

MSRP: $439.99 + Cellular Subscription Plan

Covert Cameras are available HERE.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country



CAMX Crossbows

camx crossbow mossy oak treestand

The A4 Suspension System on the CAMX Crossbow features a patent-pending swingarm system that keeps the string, cables, and cams inside the tips of the limbs. This innovative system maximizes durability, minimizes noise, and eliminates vibration. 

MSRP: $1099

Available April 2018 at or at a CAMX Crossbow dealer.

Available Pattern: Treestand



Hunter's Kloak

Hunter's Kloak

Hunter's Kloak Concealment System is the solution for defeating wild game's sense of smell. Fully rechargeable. Fully reusable. Built with a rugged exterior to be water resistant and ready for the hunt. Hunter’s Kloak operates in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). Included with your purchase is the Hunter’s Kloak electronic mister, charging cord, versatile lanyard, and one Earth scented mist concealment cartridge. 

MSRP: $49.99

Available HERE.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country



Nomad Outdoor

nomad outdoor cottonwood series

There is no quieter material than Berber fleece.  NOMAD took this silent fabric and backed it with a windproof membrane to create the ultimate outer shell.  Each product is 100% polyester and is completely wind-proof for maximum protection.

MSPR: Jacket  -$179.99  Pant - $179.00

The Cottonwood Series will be available in July 2018 at retailers and on

Available pattern: Break-Up Country



Outdoor Product Innovations


lid cam mossy oak

The Lid Cam was designed specifically for hunters and outdoorsmen. This video camera attaches directly to your ball cap and shoots full 1080 HD video, records audio and has a high-quality integrated LED light system. 

Available HERE.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country


capsule feeder for deer

This thing is awesome! Take your own 55 gallon drum, fill it with your choice of deer corn or feed and put this rig on top. This technology utilizes an auger style system to uptake feed into the spreader system. This easy to set up and use unit uses solar power to run the entire system so all you have to worry about is feed refills!

MSRP: $399.99

Available HERE.

Available Pattern: Break-Up Country



Browning Trail Camera

Browning trail camera dark ops extreme

For the best concealed trail camera in the smallest case size, look no further than the 2018 Dark Ops Extreme cameras from Browning. These cameras feature an invisible infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property do not detect the camera while it is capturing images or videos. The Sub Micro case size packs all the performance you would expect with 16 MP picture quality, 1280 x 720 HD videos with sound, lightning fast 0.4 - 0.7 second adjustable trigger speeds, and superior battery life.

Available HERE March 2018.

Available Pattern: Obsession

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