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2018 Can-Am Defender MAX XT


The all-new Defender MAX XT Cab HD10 arrives with a premium full cab enclosure from the factory and all the dependable and clever Defender family engineering benefits. On top of all the Defender MAX XT features as standard equipment, the new MAX XT Cab HD10 unit’s cab includes a full glass windshield, wiper/washer kit, full doors with electric windows (front) and hinged windows (rear), hard roof with liner, an interior dome light and a sliding rear glass window. The cab kit was optimized for enhanced quality and to create a true 100 percent enclosed system. 

The MAX XT Cab also includes new arched front A-arms that increase the vehicle’s track width and allows for increased ground clearance for more capabilities in rough terrain. The addition of a new front sway bar also improves handling. 

Full glass tilt up windshield with wiper and washer kit 

The full, high-grade glass windshield is durable and highly scratch resistant. It also includes a wiper and washer kit with a 0.4-Gal. (1.9 L) reservoir for improved visibility in wet weather or muddy conditions. The windshield can also be tilted up (three positions) and outward to increase airflow to the occupants during mild conditions. The switch allowing for opening and tilting the front window was enhanced for increased reliability. 

Full doors with electric opening windows 

The Can-am Defender MAX XT Cab vehicle features full doors to enclose the occupants within the cab. The comfortable and spacious cabin also offers the occupants protection from the elements an, with an integrated heater, warmth in cool regions. The durable front doors have electronic opening windows, much like a pick-up truck, while the rear window can be opened manually. For 2018, Can-Am engineers have added new steel wire door limiter strap for improved function and durability. They also updated the door seals to create a more perfected seal, which also enhanced the opening and closing of the cab doors in the process. 

Rear glass with sliding opening 

A new rear glass window uses new stiffer rear panel mounting points for easier operation when opening it. The sliding opening on the rear window allows for airflow through the cab on warm days and provides quick access to items in the cargo bed.

Integrated heater kit 

The factory-installed, integrated heater system has been optimized for better performance in the cold and for use during other seasons as well. New isolating foam ensures a true 100 percent seal. When the heater is set to “cool,” new, one-way valves on the heater prevent coolant from circulating. Additionally, the cooling routing was reconfigured and larger routing components were used to expand the kit’s overall heating capacity. 

Full hard roof with liner and dome light 

A durable, heavy-duty plastic roof with an integrated liner protects the occupants from elements while giving the Defender XT Cab units a custom appearance and unbeatable fit-and-finish. A new standard dome light helps illuminate the cab during low-light situations. 

4,500-lb. (2,041 kg) Can-Am winch 

The winch is designed to handle heavy-duty loads at the work site and on the trail, thanks to its 4,500-lb. capacity and roller fairlead. A convenient button was also added to the console on the left side of the steering wheel for easy operation. 

XT Bumper 

A durable, powder-coated black front bumper enhances the XT Cab vehicle’s fascia while also adding protection. 

NEW Double A-arm front suspension with twin tube gas charged shock (10-in. / 25.4 cm travel) 

The Defender MAX XT Cab vehicles have a new, arched front double A-Arm suspension system designed to offer a wider stance for improved predictable handling and control even in difficult terrain. With 10-in. of travel, the ride is smooth in all situations, even when carrying heavy loads. 

TTA-HD rear suspension (10-in. / 25.4 cm travel) 

The Defender MAX heavy-duty Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA-HD) are designed specifically for utility and recreational usage, offering a full 10-in. (25.4 cm) of travel to provide a smooth ride whatever the terrain. Its architecture offers optimal comfort and drivability in all conditions, thanks to no camber. 

11-in. (28 cm) ground clearance 

Defender MAX side-by-side vehicles offer 11-in. (28 cm) of ground clearance for maximum performance for conquering difficult terrain or carrying a maximum load. 

Colors available 

The Defender XT Cab HD10 vehicles are available in a painted Intense Red, painted Pure Magnesium and the optional, industry-exclusive water-dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.

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