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Best New Turkey Calls for Spring 2018

Heath Wood

As the 2018 National Wild Turkey Federation Convention (NWTF) and Sport Show comes to an end, I am left in a state of amazement at the technology and the quality showing up in new turkey calls for the spring 2018 season. For many years, I have been associated with multiple companies in the outdoor industry and I have been fortunate enough to work trade shows, as well as in store promotions to help show hunters the latest and greatest gear for that particular year. By doing these shows and promotions, I have developed a personal obsession with trying out new products, so I can share the pros and cons associated with them when hunters are looking at buying their next piece of hunting gear. 

This spring, call manufacturers have developed some of the best turkey calls to ever hit the shelves. Not only are they made of the best materials available so that they perform well in the field, they’re also some of the most eye-catching calls that I have ever seen. 

Diaphragm Calls

Primos Mossy Oak Mouth Calls

Primos Obsession mouth call

For years Primos Hunting has been known to produce quality mouth calls that sound great and are easy to use. This year, Primos has taken their technology of calls and teamed up with Mossy Oak to produce a variety of popular cuts that are now available in Mossy Oak camo patterns such as Green Leaf, Bottomland and Obsession. This is something that I’m surprised I haven’t seen produced until now. I remember the days when most diaphragm calls only came in one color, that color being white, which was the color that turkeys can see best. Throughout the years, they have evolved into brighter colors but nothing close to a camo pattern until now. This is truly a genius idea. This product is one that I think is going to be a hot seller for the upcoming spring. 
Retails for $13.95.

Pan Calls

FOXPRO Osage Pot Call

foxpro pot call osage

FOXPRO is known as one of the leaders in predator calls. Even though they are still fairly new to the turkey call market, they are quickly becoming known for making high quality calls that have great sound. One of those quality calls is their new Osage Pot Call which is available in slate or crystal. This call is capable of superior sound quality, volume, and realism. The Osage slate pot call is available with a one-piece hickory striker or a diamondwood striker. The Osage crystal pot call is only available with a two-piece purple heart striker. Both the Osage slate and crystal pot calls feature a glass tone board underneath the calling surface.

The Osage pot calls look great with a burnt osage pot that is laser etched on the bottom. Looking good is just the beginning as to what this pot does; it is able to produce soft and subtle purrs and tree yelps yet still offers incredible volume for cuts, clucks, and loud yelps. The Osage pot call is proudly made in the USA. 
Retails for $59.99

Box Call

H.S. Strut Custom Craft Box Call

H.S. Strut Box Call

H.S. Strut is one of the pioneers in the turkey call industry and is known for making great sounding calls that are affordable for the everyday turkey hunter. Don’t let affordability fool you. Last year the company introduced a line of quality wood pot calls named the Custom Craft Series. This year they have added to the popular series with a new Custom Craft Box Call. 

The new Custom Craft Box Call from HS Strut has the look, feel and sound of a custom-made call from back in the day. A natural walnut wood base, paddle and box ends with poplar sides gives this call an extremely rich sound in the turkey woods. A crafted finish to this call truly makes it fit in with some of the finest box calls available. Between the 2-side playability and the richness of the call tones resonating off the wood, the Custom Craft Box Call might just become the new favorite call for turkey hunters this year.

A quality wooden box call is one of the oldest calls known to a hunter and there is a reason why they are still around today. Because they work. This is a great call for a hunter to carry in their turkey vest this spring. Retails for $29.99

Gobble Call

Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble Call

Flextone Gobble call

A call that is a must-have for spring and that can sometimes be overlooked is a gobble call. This type of call has stirred up many gobblers that may have gone silent. A simple shake of the call to reproduce the gobble of another tom is sometimes all it takes to create just enough jealousy to bring a mature gobbler in those last few yards.

The folks at Flextone have created a modern, easy-to-use call that delivers realistic gobbles instantly and easily. This user-friendly, handheld design helps hunters deliver loud, true-to-life gobbles that are sure to grab the attention of nearby dominant toms with a simple shake of the bellows. Easily operated with 1 or 2 hands, this deadly realistic gobble call eliminates the practice time needed to master mouth or tube calls. It also has a durable construction that will take wear and tear of running and gunning on those hard to hunt mature gobblers, which is where I like using a gobble call the most. Always remember to think safety when using a gobble call. Retails for $21.99

Just like a fine-tuned athlete spends years of research and trial and error to get better year after year, the same goes for turkey calls. Many hours in the woods, and well thought out designs are showing up in today's turkey calls due to years of research and fine tuning. Try one of the listed calls this spring and see for yourself the quality and effectiveness in each one.

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